Sundays with Hannah & best buddies

I had a more relaxed Saturday night last weekend and decided to go sleep early. The next Sunday I woke up in the morning to join my best buddies Aaron and Mei to check out Property Exhibition (PropEX) 2011 at Sabah Trade Centre. Pretty cool exhibition showcasing some really interesting commercial/resident properties for sale here in Sabah and even in KL.

top left: Jofanna(George's wife) and Eva, top right: the birthday cake, bottom left: Hannah with Eva at the back, bottom right: Eva, jofanna, me and George

Later in the evening, my daughter Hannah and I went for a road trip to Tuaran to attend George's daughter Eva's 2nd birthday dinner celebration. During the road trip, Hannah and I just simply talk about the scenery and about any topic under the sun. Some major quality time there. When I arrived at the dinner celebration, Hannah was already making her own way around mingling with the kids there. That is Hannah for you. :) I'm glad I attended Eva's birthday because I missed her previous birthday and one month celebration. George is another best buddy of mine and it means a lot for me to finally attend. The celebration went really well and I'm really happy for her daughter. Kid's birthdays are important to be celebrated with family and close ones. Hannah's 10th birthday is coming up in 2 months!

A nice simple Sunday well spent with Hannah & my best buddies.

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