The Sendai Project

"As the tsunami hits, 100 kids managed to run into a tsunami shelter. Although they are considered safe in a shelter designed to protect them from the tsunami, nothing prepared them for what came after. A ship carried by the tsunami simply rammed into the shelter that caused their deaths."

Cheyenne told this story that was told to him by one of the victims from the tsunami that hit Japan earlier this year. It broke my heart and I can't help automatically praying for the souls of those kids. It just exposed me more to the degree of pain and trauma of what the victims have experienced. At the same time it made me even more proud of my buddies Cheyenne and Sam who journeyed to Sendai, Japan to help with relief efforts. Their journey was part of a project called The Sendai Project. A one month project with the support of Japan International Food for the Hungry (JIFH) through a link with Food for the Hungry International Malaysia (FHIM) to help with the relief efforts in Sendai, Japan.

from left: Jackie (image courtesy of her), Jasmine, Datin Dr. Lynn Tan, Sam, me, Ronnie, Cheyenne

Cheyenne and Sam returned from Sendai last week and I attended their homecoming bbq dinner with other friends and supporters to their project. They briefed us with photos and videos of the experience they went through. There were some funny interesting moments of them trying to get use to the Japanese culture.

Sam standing on a massive debris of wreckage from the Tsunami attack.

But more importantly was how everyone's eyes were open bigger to the ongoing progress in helping out the victims to continue & better their current lives and rebuild buildings to bring back towns back to life. It is still A LONG WAY TO GO.

Please view the following videos to better understand Cheyenne and Sam's experience at Sendai. Simply open the links in a new tab and view them. Sorry, couldn't seem to embed the videos in this post.

The Sendai Project - Video Log #1 [HD] -

The Sendai Project - Smashing & Eating. [HD] -

I wish I was with them during their trip and experience what they did. How about you? The Sendai Project is actually a baby project with hopes to spawn other relief effort projects in the future. If you're interested to be part of them or learn more, email Sam at

More on the Sendai Project at


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