Finally I got the PS3!


I talked about it for ages but I never got myself the PS3 gaming console until 2 months ago. One of the things that happened during the period when I stopped blogging for a while. Getting the PS3 is an interesting process. I was reluctant mainly because I wasn't sure about paying for something I hardly gonna spend time with. I mean if I get the PS3, I know I'll most likely only spend a mere hour with it at most before going to sleep. I'm not in that era anymore where I got so much time to spend on playing video games. But then it triggered me one day when I realized Hannah wants one too. She requested me to buy one so she can spend time at my home more and perhaps play some games with me.

Hannah is currently so in love with the game Little Big Planet 2.

With my buddy Rafi offering me a deal with a price tag I cannot resist, I finally bought one. So yeah, of course I'm happy I got one. I get to play games that I always just dream of and Hannah spends more time with me at home. Can''t go wrong with that.

Would be awesome to watch this again with the Blu-ray edition!

Heck, the PS3 is also a blu-ray disc player, which means movie buff me get to watch movies in high definition too. Simply bliss. It took a while for me to get the PS3 but never too late to own one. Hmm... What game should I play tonight...


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