celebrating Chinese New Year... LED style!

I always make a point every year to bring my daughter Hannah to visit my good friend Honey Bee's Chinese New Year open house. We're always bound to have a great time with the good food, lion dances, chinese acrobat performance and fantastic fireworks show. I went there again last night and this time there was a special treat. Hannah and I got to watch LED lion and dragon dances! Still don't know what I'm talking about? Check out the videos below that I took last night.

Apparently it is somewhat a new trend to have these LED dances during Chinese New Year that just started here in Kota Kinabalu. Once again it was a blast at Honey Bee's house!

p/s: Gong Xi Fa Chai!


maslight said...

holy kerapu...i am so jakuning rite nao

CathJ said...

wow.. 1st time saw a led lion dance.. cool... ^_^

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