Awesome engagement gifts!

Last Saturday I was assigned with 'The Men In Red' to carry engagement gifts for my buddy Julian who is getting engaged that night to another good friend of mine, Fara. A memorable night indeed as Julian & Fara took their relationship a level higher before they finally tie the knot soon. As 'The Men In Red' carried the gifts to Fara's house, I can't help noticing one particular gift. Actually it got noticed by quite a number of other people and most of us were stunned! Amongst all these so called for lady gifts, there was a brand new X-Box! Lucky Fara as she is a gamer too. After delivering Julian's gifts, I realized one of Fara's gifts to Julian was quite a stunner too. A brand new iPhone 4! Very, very lucky Julian. Wow... Are these the kind of gifts presented for engagement ceremonies nowadays? One thing is for sure they added an extra smile to an already very happy loving couple. Congratulations again to Julian & Fara! Both of you truly deserve each other. I am very proud to have the honor to be among 'The Men In Red'.


Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Wow, this is interesting! Can't wait to see what Fara is going to write in her blog...(^^)

So, when is your turn? XDXD

Lorna said...

Hahahah!! Excellent!! I wish I got these type of gifts when I got engaged!!

CathJ said...

I just came from Fara's blog.. and got a smile looking at their awesome hantaran... especially the Xbox..

something new.. and fun.. ^_^

(My boy got XBox + kinect as christmas present recently too.. and I just can't resist to play along.. even with my big belly.. LOL!!)

Aya said...

Aww dino~~~ mari main Dance Central with me on my Xbox buahahahah =D

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