looking at the bright side

This photo was taken from my recent Ultimate Frisbee session at the beach. Me and the rest of the players were about to start the game when we saw those dark clouds coming to our way. Thinking positively, we stayed at the beach and started playing anyway. It never really rained and we ended up having a really good game.

I always believe that if we stay positive in the things we do, the dark clouds will go away and good things will happen. Of course, it doesn't always simply happen that way without some dedication and hard work. I kick started 2011 the way I wanted. Taking up new responsibilities, which means lots of work to do more than before. Last week I kinda overdid it and end up being diagnosed for over exhaustion. As I was telling others, I worked hard, played hard but hardly rested. Fell sick and had to take some strong medicines to knock me out at least for a day for some serious rest.

Now I am fully recovered but still with lots of work to do. After last week's experience, at least I have a better idea now on managing my time and health. Plus I got one major work done. Presenting...

... the February issue of Breeze magazine. It has been taking quite an amount of time but I'm proud to say this baby issue of mine is finally done with and will be available next Monday! I've been involved with Breeze for quite some time now. So some of you must be wondering why do I call the February issue a baby issue. Well, a new management took over end of last year and after some ups and downs, I got my shot at becoming more involved with the layout and content to produce a better issue. Hope you all get a copy and love it. *fingers crossed* Any comments is most welcome as I aim to produce better issues to keep readers happy.

Off to bed now and when I wake up, it will be another jam packed day. Hmm... Thinking of watching The Green Hornet after dinner.

Good night people.

Awesome engagement gifts!

Last Saturday I was assigned with 'The Men In Red' to carry engagement gifts for my buddy Julian who is getting engaged that night to another good friend of mine, Fara. A memorable night indeed as Julian & Fara took their relationship a level higher before they finally tie the knot soon. As 'The Men In Red' carried the gifts to Fara's house, I can't help noticing one particular gift. Actually it got noticed by quite a number of other people and most of us were stunned! Amongst all these so called for lady gifts, there was a brand new X-Box! Lucky Fara as she is a gamer too. After delivering Julian's gifts, I realized one of Fara's gifts to Julian was quite a stunner too. A brand new iPhone 4! Very, very lucky Julian. Wow... Are these the kind of gifts presented for engagement ceremonies nowadays? One thing is for sure they added an extra smile to an already very happy loving couple. Congratulations again to Julian & Fara! Both of you truly deserve each other. I am very proud to have the honor to be among 'The Men In Red'.

Blackberry addiction...

Even Barack Obama has one!

It is a whole new year and I want to start off with a blog post about what has been a constant part of my life since last year. The ever addictive Blackberry. I remember somewhat a year plus ago when I told off my buddies Sam Tan and Ron Lim to stop checking their Blackberry. They were being very anti-social by doing so in an outing among friends. Months after, someone else became anti-social. That is right. Yours truly, ME. I was so curious about the Blackberry and I needed a new phone. So I bought one and there was no turning back.

Hoping to get the Blackberry Torch this year!

I check my Blackberry for email, sms, facebook, instant messaging, etc almost every 10-15minutes! It is almost impossible not to keep doing that unless I fall asleep or busy doing sports. My work and personal life revolves around it. Oh Blackberry, what would I do without you... Even my daughter Hannah is hinting me to get one for her. Every time I hang out with her, she would borrow my Blackberry to play around with it. Anyway, I confess... I'm a Blackberry addict!

p/s: Ending this post with a photo of an Angry Birds birthday cake! Credits to Jaco for the news about this awesome looking cake.