online and real battles

Interesting Wednesday today. Topic related to battles. What kind of battles? Well to start it off, StarCraft 2. If you're a pc gamer for quite a number of years, you're likely to remember the game StarCraft, which was such a big hit worldwide. A game that consist of the human race, aliens experimental creatures battling each other. I remember the days when me and my friends played StarCraft on our own home pc or at internet/cyber centers. We would play for hours and hours.

So the past two days I heard so much about its sequel, StarCraft 2 from friends who still play pc games. Specifically and recently during my lunch session today. StarCraft 2 was actually released just yesterday. Almost every pc gamer around the world is either already playing it or ordered a copy.

If you're a parent to a son/daughter who plays pc games or has a friend that does, you're likely to see them play StarCraft 2. Or shall I say hardly see them as they engage themselves playing the game for hours especially online with the multiplayer mode. As for me, those days are gone as I can't afford to spend long hours on video games.

That was battle done on online. As for real life battles, I visited Kinabalu Fighter's dojo located somewhere near Seri Insan school. Kinabalu Fighter - is all about a place for all Martial Artist, Brawlers & Fight enthusiast to meet and share. My buddy Julian who happens to be a regular has been inviting me like forever to check out the dojo.

Finally tonight was the one fine night I accepted his invitation. I love martial arts. Took a bit of Kendo and Brazilian Jujitsu but kinda stopped a few years ago. The moment I entered the dojo, I was just in time to see some Muay Thai and grappling sparring sessions. It was great and kinda revived my interest to join back and learn martial arts again. But 'when' is still another issue...

Coz reality is I have my own battles to go through every single day. Major work and other personal issues to be solved. Battles to better myself everyday to achieve a better life. Nowadays, the battles are getting tougher and I don't really have much time for anything else except quality time with loved ones. Perhaps a little sports here and there for health's sake. I'm sure everyone else has their own battles. All the best. May we all succeed. :-)

two dudes with lightsabers

12.30am. Time to sleep in a bit. A long Monday at work later when I wake up. This is just a simple post with an awesome video to kick start everyone's Monday. Check out François Wunschel and Fernando Favier using their 'lightsabers' to perform a one of a kind audio-visual performance that will blow you away.

Enjoy. The performance is called Euphorie. :-)

p/s: So I thought my legs will sore after my futsal tournament(my team won!) today. Instead I got this annoying bruised left point finger. But it is already recovering now. Hopefully fully by the time Monday is over.


I'm the one with the goalkeeper gloves. Maybe I get to play a different position this time...

Tomorrow morning I have to wake up early for a futsal tournament. Haven't been in one of these for ages. My dad used to be a state soccer player but I was no where as good as him. I do love soccer though, which is why futsal is the one of my favourite sports. Gosh, I don't even think I'm fit enough for the tournament tomorrow. But I'm sure I'll have a blast though. Itching to play in a tournament since all the commotion with the recent World Cup.

You'll never walk alone!

Besides playing, I also love to watch the English Premier League. The new season starts next month and I can't wait to see my favorite team Liverpool in action. Liverpool didn't really do good last season but I hope that is all gonna change for the better. Any other Liverpool fans out there? Please drop a comment. :-)

Go Sam!

Last but not least, something that is not soccer related. My buddy Sam Tan of Core Fitness just got featured in of the pages of August 2010 Men's Health Malaysia magazine. Happy for you bro! Proud of him and wishing him much success to come.

When the day ends tomorrow, my legs are sure gonna sore...

past week

image by Pascal Campion

The weekend is near. I'm so exhausted. As I sit down and relax a bit, my mind wonders about whats been going in my life for the past week...

Wonderful Vimeo. I'm watching more and more videos on Vimeo now. Videos of all sorts of genre with most of them being very creative and inspirational. The latest one I watched was entitled Inspirational Artists: Pascal Campion. A great video about Pascal Campion who happens to be an amazing sketch artist.

Inception fever. I can't stop praising this movie that is currently showing in the cinemas. Everyone is talking about it and there is a reason why. Mind boggling, intriguing and simply movie of the year material. I won't spoil anything here. If you haven't watch it, DO SO! More on Inception here.

image by Pascal Campion

Birthday special. Planning properly for someone's birthday coming up next month. Not a simple task but it is going to be well worth it. All about putting a big smile on her face.

Cupcakes galore. I was part of cupcake project last Saturday. A really cool project about making more than 5000 cupcakes in less than 12 hours! Read all about it here.

image by Pascal Campion

Eating spree. I've been eating like mad lately. Average of 4 meals per day. Am I gaining weight? Not really due to high metabolism. If there is any weight gained, it goes to the wrong area(aka TUMMY). I need to start going to gym again soon. 

image by Pascal Campion

Non-stop rain. I blogged about it like a month ago. So there you go, it is still raining every single day here in Kota Kinabalu city. Honestly I don't mind the rain but lately it has been depressing. Especially when quite a number of my sport activities are canceled due to the rain.

image by Pascal Campion

Work stress. It has been stressful at work. Problems pop out here and there with some serious decision making to be done. Keeping a strong and cool head as much as I can. It helps to think about my loved ones as one of the reasons why I'm working. Its 10.20pm. Half an hour from now after this blog post, there is still work to be done during this late night. Plus, I'm missing someone already.

Have a good weekend people!

Facebook privacy

click to see larger image

Facebook. Who hasn't heard it? It is almost impossible that anyone hasn't. Someone or somebody in this world is bound to have a Facebook account. It is a great way to communicate and be up to date with your friends, family, celebrities, products and such. For now, one of the biggest issue hitting the US and other countries is user privacy in Facebook. Basically Facebook is being blamed for all the problems users are facing for having their privacy violated when their personal info are exposed.

cool short movie about Facebook

As much as we all might love Facebook, not all of us are that keen to have our personal info to be known to everyone in the world. But really, if we use Facebook long enough, there are settings for you to tamper to prevent your personal info from being known to certain individuals. And if that is not good enough, easy... Don't bother to open an account or simply delete it if you already have one. There is also of course, terms and policies in Fcebook for you to read and understand before you share your personal info. So as Facebook gets sued or complained about user privacy, don't you think we probably got ourselves to blame? Hmm...

Spain wins the World Cup!

Nuff said. Spain wins the World Cup and I'm a happy man especially when I supported them from the very beginning. Staying all the way till 5am to watch the game was very much well worth it. History is made and Spain is finally one of the greats that won the cup.



A shout out to all the party people in East Malaysia as Hennessy Artistry storms Whiteroom, Kota Kinabalu this coming 31st July 2010! Known for bringing quality clubbing and music party experience, Hennessy Artistry is all about being a global music campaign to promote the art of mixing various genres and blending the talents of the world’s top artists. The campaign has been going on in Malaysia for quite some time now and has been quite successful. So be prepared to experience a really good night out! Who will Hennessy Artistry be bringing to rock this event? Check 'em out...

DJ Siera Lee

Headlining the night is DJ Siera Lee, who is undoubtedly, one of the world’s hottest DJs. Born in South Korea, grew up in Canada, and currently residing in Sydney, Australia, Siera Lee represents a new generation of female turntable phenomenons.

Over the years, she has risen up the ranks to become one of Asia’s best female DJ icons. Armed with her sexy looks and banging up-tempo R&B and Hip Hop sets, DJ Siera Lee promises to blow the roof off White Room.


Expect to be blown away by DVJ G Mix, one of the few individuals in the country with the ability to ‘visualize sounds’ and to provide audiences with hypnotic, head-turning visuals.

He has performed as the closing act for the Bangkok Invaders and most memorably, as the guest DVJ at Korean superstar Rain’s concert VIP after party in Kuala Lumpur.

Joe Flizzow and Sona One

Local hip-hop extraordinaires, Joe Flizzow and Sona One are in the house! Joe, who is one half of the internationally renowned Malaysian hip-hop duo, Too Phat is definitely no stranger to the Malaysian music scene. As Too Phat, he released multi-platinum albums, sold over half a million records and even achieved international recognitions from MTV Asia and Channel V – incredible feats for a local artiste. He has also collaborated with various pop acts from Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and the United States. Among some of his standout credentials include performances for Linkin Park, the Black Eyed Peas, and Kanye West.

At the upcoming H-Artistry party, Joe will be collaborating with his protégé and one of the fastest rising hip-hop stars in the country, Sona One. By every account, 21-year-old Sona One is the consummate artist. He continues to break barriers and deliver results way beyond his young age. He began his career as a graffiti artist at the age of 10 and is widely recognized today as one of the leading “graph-heads” in the region. Musically, Sona One’s sound is distinctively “European” and reminiscent to the early 90’s hip-hop, an era where conscious lyrics were often met with soulful production. He is a huge fan of the golden oldies and this is reflected in his sample-heavy musical compositions.

This unique collaboration between guru and protégé is surely not to be missed. Expect a power packed performance from both Joe Flizzow and Sona One as they look to blow your minds away as they hit the Hennessy Artistry stage in KK for an electrifying one-off performance.

Need more convincing?

A video of Hennessy Artistry in Penang last year to wet your partying appetite a bit.

Are you now ready for Hennessy Artistry? Here is what you need to know...

Passes to H-Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ is by-invitation only. To obtain invitations to the party at White Room, logon to Alternatively, to relive the experience of past H-Artistry events or to receive updates on the upcoming party, visit the official Facebook fan page: or follow H-Artistry on Twitter: The party is strictly opened to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only. ID verifications will be carried out at the door.

Have fun at the event! Peace.

Can Spain repeat victory over Germany?

4 more hours and the semi-final match between Spain and Germany for the World Cup 2010 will commence. I want Spain to win so badly but then I have to admit Germany is a very, very tough opponent. After becoming winners of the European Cup 2008 by defeating Germany in the finals, I really hope Spain will be world champions this year. 


The Science Of Motivation

Months and months back, my buddy Sam Tan of CORE Fitness introduced to me this fantastic video of a speech by career analyst Dan Pink. In this video, Dan Pink talks about the science of motivation. It is a very, very good talk and exposes to people what really motivates them nowadays. Most people would think rewards in terms of money, would be the solution to work harder and achieve goals. Just watch the video to have your eyes and mind open up to what really creates motivation in the world today.

Hope you enjoy this video as much as I did. Look for out for more interesting talks like this at