Janet Hsieh

fun loving and down to earth host for Fun Taiwan

Who is Janet Hsieh? For those who watch Discovery Travel and Living, she is that fun loving and down to earth host for Fun Taiwan. I first noticed her when I watched the Fun Taiwan show earlier this year. I'm not a regular for Discovery Travel and Living but I have to admit that I enjoy watching her show when it is on tv. She has a great natural on-screen presence that makes her a joy to watch in Fun Taiwan. So why am I blogging about her? Well, I never thought in a million years, I would have a chance to meet Janet in person. But I did!

a shot with Janet and her crew after dinner

Due to work, I was recently presented with the opportunity to met her and the rest of the Fun Taiwan crew. We all had dinner together last week and I had a great time getting to know Janet and her crew. Apparently they are here in Sabah to do a shoot for their new Fun Asia show.  That is right. Sabah will be featured! After Sabah, they'll be heading to Sarawak.  While they were in Sabah, it was strictly all work and they prefer not to have the attention of the media. That is why I am only blogging this post after they left for Kuching last Sunday.

busy staring at a scene from the FIFA World Cup 2010 on tv

A woman of many talents, Janet has exactly the same fun loving and down to earth character as you see her on-screen. We had a good conversation and laugh almost about any topic under the sun throught the whole dinner. Its like talking to a really good friend. The crew and her really liked Sabah and they plan to come here again in the future to shoot at other locations they haven't been. Overall it was truly a great experience meeting Janet in person. Hope to see the crew and her again soon!

Get to know more about Janet here at

Bento perfection?

After days being away in KL for work, Hime came back to present to me this case. I've been missing her a lot. She has been quite busy in KL and we didn't get to communicate much. So I get a little restless sometimes wondering if she is ok or not. But that is pretty much about it and I'm just really glad to see her again. Now I'm wondering what is inside this case...

So I opened the case and I discovered what seemed to be Hime's version of a bento meal made for me. In moments I find myself in the presence of an array of yakitori beef, japanese style egg and grill salmon coupled with a portion of rice. The smell of all these food simply activated my hunger big time. The taste? I'm not good at describing taste but the beef was deliciously tender and mixes well with the egg and salmon that somehow melts nicely in my mouth. It was the best bento meal I ever tasted in my life. PERFECTION... I ended up with a very, very satisfied stomach.

With an awesome meal like that, I can only feel like the luckiest man to have a woman that can cook that good. :-)

p/s: Watching Japan vs Paraguay now for the World Cup 2010. Hoping Japan wins!

Cheer up! Its raining!

It was raining heavily every day weeks ago and the weather was gloomy. That kinda stop but the rain still comes every now and then. But who are we to complain. The rain water crops, gives us a nice cozy sleep at home and even helps to clean our car a bit. Speaking of cleaning cars, I don't know if it is just me but isn't it ironic that most of the time after I sent my car for a car wash, it rains? Anyway, I'm blogging about the rain now after viewing back the video of Singing In The Rain by Gene Kelly. Can't go wrong with a classic like this that cheers up your day especially in the rain. If you view the video, you'll know why this guy is so happy singing in the rain.

I know how he feels. Meeting someone I've been missing tomorrow. :-) Have a good Monday people!

beginning Salsa

After months of avoiding due to busy schedule and merely craving looking at others do it, I finally took a Salsa dance class. It was just me and Hime yesterday as we took our first couple class at the Dance Academy studio in Damai. It was good to see dance instructor Arwin again. I took a small Salsa introduction class from him before and was impressed. That was months ago and I never really took proper classes with him despite his recommendation. Anyway, my first class yesterday was good. It was an hour of doing basic steps that looks easy but requires quite a lot of practice. Hime enjoyed it too and we actually practiced a bit late last night on our own. Can't wait for the next class.

Didn't took any photos or videos but here is a video of what we just learned.

snip bits

So it continues to rain and rain in KK... I love a cloudy or rainy day but not when there is too much of it. I've been missing out quite a bunch of activities because of the recent rain galore.

Spain lost their first match against Switzerland in the World Cup 2010. Major bummer... I hope they bounce back.

I'm away from KK for the weekend to spend quality time with Hannah. While I'm away, Happy Father's Day to those who celebrate...

... and don't forget to check out this Sunday's Miss Earth Sabah 2010 grand finals. Click here for more details.

Oh, and theres a new blog in town called Ai Hanayaka, Go to for a humorous take on fashion, food or how to have fun.

Have a nice weekend!

little social life me

Believe it or not, I grew up as a kid/teenager with very little social life. I was the nerdy shy quiet kid. I grew up reading a lot of books and other than school, life was pretty much just at home. Television, books and video games were my best friends. You can only imagine my excitement when my parents would ask me to join them for shopping, dining at a restaurant, etc. Yes, I am that excited. It is like a chance to go out from prison and see the world. Sure I got some good friends to hang out with but I didn't get to go out with them to have a meal somewhere, catch a movie, etc. I am pretty much your home boy. Lonely with hardly any social life. My life was hardly colorful.

Don't even go to the topic of girls as I had no girlfriends during this period. I was way too shy to approach girls and I'm not Mr. Popular. Well, I am popular but in a different way. Dinosaur, Bangau, Bamboo Stick etc. Yup, all sorts of names I was called. A little emo during this time as I also went through an emotional breakdown before on hardly being accepted as a good friend other than being made fun of. Try getting a plain old stone as a birthday gift by a bunch of girls at school. My first birthday gift ever. How heart crushing... At that point I really thought I wasn't social enough to be accepted among others and pretty much thought that is the end of my social life.

the video that kinda inspired me to put up this post

So should I blame my parents? They were the ones who kept me at home and wanted me to only study hard. Nah... I might have my moments grunting about my little social life. But the truth of the matter is I grew up just fine. It is true what people say, all you need is just your loved ones by your side. My friends maybe few but I had a blast with them one way or the other and they're always by my side. My parents might be a bit strict but they really gave me a lot of love. And of course my little bro Anizan who was fun to hang out with.

Perhaps one of the most valuable lesson in life is... towards the end, in order to live a good life, all you really need is your good self and your loved ones.

p/s: For those who are celebrating this Sunday, Happy Fathers Day!

Damn you Plants vs Zombies...

Remember this game anyone?

I've always been a video gamer since I was a kid. Arcade, playstation, pc, etc... Played games in all sorts of platforms. During my teenage years and early 20s, I was quite hardcore playing certain pc games up to 2am-4am. Sometimes no sleep at all. It has been while... a looong while since that happened... With a business to run and loved ones to care about, I don't get that much luxury to play video games anymore. I rather go outside and do some exercise when I got the free time.

CAUTION: It may not look like it, but this is a VERY ADDICTIVE game.

But this game called Plants vs Zombies... After months hearing about it and ignoring to play it, I finally played it last week during late night hours. Why in the world I want to play a game about plants trying to kill zombies? I was just damn curious and the gamer inside of me had to find out how good is good. Apparently Plants vs Zombies was...

...nominated for the "Casual Game of the Year" and "Outstanding Achievement in Game Design" Interactive Achievement Awards from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. Also nominated for "Best Game Design", "Innovation", and "Best Download Game" for the Game Developers Choice Awards. Plus it was picked by Gamezebo as one of the 'Best games of 2009'.

Yup. This cute little game was actually ranked against the best games out there that had far superiors graphics and took years to make. So after spending many late hours for the past few nights to finish the game, I now know why just like the millions of people around the world who are playing it too. Want to know why too? Go to and give it a shot. Try not to blame me if you get addicted. :-)

So for some of the productive and quality hours that was sacrificed... DAMN YOU PLANT VS ZOMBIES! Other than that, its nice to get a taste of gaming again. Back to work...

Viva Spain!

And so the FIFA World Cup 2010 at South Africa has started. Football fans around the world are busy supporting their teams to win this ever so prestigious tournament. For me, I've always supported Argentina and Italy in the past. I'm still supporting Argentina but I have to say if there is one team I want to see to win the World Cup 2010, it would be Spain. I've always consider them to be a good team and slowly got more and more interested looking at their progress. The team is currently just perfect in almost every way. Fascinated by their much improved style of play, I seriously think the reigning European Cup champions and ranked no.2 in the world has all that it takes to win.


Xplay Kota Kinabalu

Got myself a free pass to Xplay Kota Kinabalu! I hope I can make it there in time tonight to check out DJ Fuzz and Lapsap in action. Anyone interested for a good Saturday night out tonight? Come over and check out this event.

Date: 12th June 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 9.30pm till Late
Venue: Bed, Waterfront, KK

Kedai Kopi year?

Would you want this to be in KK?

Every now and then, my mind will spark an idea to start up a new business here in good ol' Kota Kinabalu city. Dreams of opening my very own Chili's, Kinokinuya bookstore, underwater world aquarium, etc. Bringing a bit of class and variety to the city. Others will have their own sparks too and come up with these fantastic ideas for cool new business ventures. Like the others though, there is a certain fear within me. Will the business succeed? I always thought of last year as the 'Kedai Kopi year' for Kota Kinabalu. This year might just be the same. Heck, there is even so many new coffee shops in KK now! Why Kedai Kopi year? Spending power. There is not enough middle class and above people to sustain most middle class and above businesses. On the other side, there is always more than enough to sustain and even make a small business like running a coffee shop successful.

It happens...

I'm sure you've seen them. Some branded shops or classy looking restaurants, most of the time almost or totally empty. Outlets that originally opened to bring something different and be the buzz of the town with customers flowing in. Always with a promising start but a start is what they only had that was bright. Some managed to survive somehow and some closed down.

Unfortunately too pricey...

Given a choice to open a kopitiam or Carls Jr, which one will you pick? Kopitiam would be the wise choice. Sorry Carls Jr, its not that we doubt the quality of your product. Most people here just prefer the cheaper alternative. While a kopitiam might have a lesser profit margin, it has a higher success rate to break-even as fast as 3 months or at least less than a year. Not the same with Carls Jr. There will be regulars who can afford the menu coming to Carls Jr, but from what I've seen with other shops of similar class, there is just not enough out there to sustain the business.

Pricey but lots of people will go and spend!

But who I am to say? As fearful as myself and others can be, it doesn't mean the ideas we had in mind are not impossible to be a success. Sometimes we just have to take the risk. Not enough middle class and above with spending power? Little Italy restaurant down at the city center is almost packed every night even during lunch hours. Customers here spend at least RM30 for a session of food and drinks. Nandos might actually work in KK. People here just love chicken. From something as affordable as 5 star chicken outlets to The Chicken Rice Shop to the beloved KFC, these places always have a very good daily traffic of customers. Oh, and not to forget, japanese food outlets. Nuff said.

Hard to go wrong with chicken.

So is 2010 still can be considered a kedai kopi year? Here is my take. It is not that we don't have enough middle class and above spenders here in KK. It is all about what kind of business that we plan to open. What is big among these people? Something different is good but has to be somewhat at least a high potential sure fire hit too. Something what most people here love. Did I mention Nandos? There is no portugese chicken outlet around and people here love chicken. You want an existing example of such a case? Suria shopping mall's GSC cinema. Quite a success so far. RM15 per ticket and yet lots of people are flocking in to watch the likes of SHREK 3D and Avatar 3D. If it didn't exist, why would it be a very good idea to open it? There is no other 3D cinema around and people here love watching movies in this cinema. Remember, 'different' and 'what most people love'.

Different views...

The topic I'm touching here has more issues than what I just mentioned to be considered. I'm not always right and you are most welcome to comment this post with your own opinions. Always open to different views.

p/s: Wishing the best of success and luck to all who wants to open a new business.