Trust Agent?

With Sam Tan of Core Fitness. Sam is a great young man with fantastic vision and ideas.

Two words that are likely to define me. It all started 3 years ago when I started to run a hotel called Imperial International Hotel, then be the coordinator for Sabahan Bloggers group and finally being part of Breeze magazine. This helped me to get to know a lot of people from different walks of life. Then I started to be more involved with collaborations with some of these people in the form of events and  marketing. Though some people might think so, it is not entirely business for me. My main goal was to live up my passion to see others live up theirs and make the city I live in grow into something wonderful for everyone to be excited about. It is a long shot though. I can't do it alone and I am blessed to cross paths with some really amazing people that share the same goal as I do. Best of all, I get to be friends with these people and shared some really great moments with them.

Standing up with Datuk Masidi and my Breeze team mates

My connections are growing each day and I realized people start coming to me to help them promote their business or cause. More than often, I usually get them connected with the right people that will suit their needs. I am always trying to make sure the people who approach me get what they want and reach their goal. At the end of the day, I am just really a friend who is there to help out. Yup, I became a middle person or the hook-up. But it was when I met Rob Angeles, I found the right words... Trust Agent.

Awesome Rob Angeles!

Thanks to Daniel Doughty(another Trust Agent) from Borneo Colours, I managed to meet Rob Angeles of Social Media Philippines. A fantastic person with a big heart that has a great insight on the current social media scene. The three of us sat down for a drink one day and discussed about the current social media scene and how it works to benefit people. We all got to know each other better and Rob thinks I have a huge potential of becoming a good Trust Agent. See his comments here. He also recommended me to read this book called Trust Agents to further understand the term and discover how I go bigger than where I am now. I bought the book and still reading it at this moment. An eye opener indeed and I recommend it to anybody who shares the same goal as I do.

my current favorite book

So where I am now as a Trust Agent? I wouldn't say I am a great one but I am getting better. It is a very tough role but a rewarding one indeed.