a weekend with Hannah

Last week has been incredibly physically and mentally exhausting for me with a pile of stress on top. I'm glad I have someone like Hime and friends by my side as a listener and supporter. It is also good to take some time out on the weekends and spend it with my daughter Hannah. Went to the saloon and played some Ultimate Frisbee with her. Here are some photos...

getting her washed

time to dry up that hair

patiently reading a magazine while waiting for my haircut session to finish

here we see her reading again with her favorite book while I was playing Ultimate Frisbee

Didn't get to take any photos of her playing Ultimate Frisbee but I had a really good time playing with her. She is loving the sport now just like her dad. Overall a nice weekend with her that took my mind off a bit from all the stress that has been going on around me.


CathJ said...

Good job daddy... it must be not easy... keep it up.. :D

d1n0za said...

Thanks Cath! :)

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