Sunsets in KK

There is something about sunsets in Kota Kinabalu or shall I say Sabah. I've seen sunsets in other places, but the ones in Sabah are always special. For me, watching sunsets here not only makes me more relaxed and calm, but sometimes also gets me in awe at how amazing they look. I also noticed the sunsets here look different almost every time you view them. For example, the sunsets are not just beautiful by looking at the sun directly but that amazing view when they are behind clouds. Check out these photos I took this year...

looks like there is a massive tornado or whirlwind among the clouds

volcano eruption effect

Great stuff, don't you think? I recommend anybody especially outsiders to check out the sunsets whenever they are in Sabah.

a weekend with Hannah

Last week has been incredibly physically and mentally exhausting for me with a pile of stress on top. I'm glad I have someone like Hime and friends by my side as a listener and supporter. It is also good to take some time out on the weekends and spend it with my daughter Hannah. Went to the saloon and played some Ultimate Frisbee with her. Here are some photos...

getting her washed

time to dry up that hair

patiently reading a magazine while waiting for my haircut session to finish

here we see her reading again with her favorite book while I was playing Ultimate Frisbee

Didn't get to take any photos of her playing Ultimate Frisbee but I had a really good time playing with her. She is loving the sport now just like her dad. Overall a nice weekend with her that took my mind off a bit from all the stress that has been going on around me.

Air Conditioning: Love it or hate it?

In one whole 24 hours of a day in my life, I think I spend more than half of it in indoor air conditioned areas. My home, my working place, my car, outlets in malls and such, etc. Not really healthy right? I'm actually starting to feel the effects of it. Spend time in an air conditioned area long enough and I will start to feel discomfort in breathing. That is why nowadays, I make a point to go out for a walk or something and get some air or do some outdoor sports activity. But I can't deny the fact how good it is sometimes to be in an air conditioned area. Simply because how hot the weather can be out there. Kota Kinabalu city seems to be packing quite a heat during these past years. Which makes being in an air conditioned area, feels like heaven at times. So it is a toss off but I still prefer to be outdoors. Especially when there is a nice natural cool breeze. That beats air conditioning anytime!

A fantastic Liverpool win!

The 2-0 win against Chelsea last Sunday was too sweet. And that 2nd goal by Torres is just awesome. After a disastrous start in the Premier League, Liverpool fought from the dead to start winning matches especially the big one against Chelsea. Congratulations Liverpool! A somewhat inspiration to myself after a not so good week that has gotten my mood down. Time to fight back!

Liverpool v Chelsea


Astro brings casts from 'BEYOND THE REALM OF CONSCIENCE' to 1Borneo!

ATTENTION TO ALL BLOGGERS IN SABAH! Please read the following content from ASTRO regarding the title above. ASTRO is actually inviting up to 15 Sabahan bloggers to be officially invited as media to this exclusive event. To be invited,  please email to with your name and blog url  with the email title 'BEYOND THE REALM OF CONSCIENCE' as soon as possible! Limited to only the first 15 bloggers!

Astro brings casts from ‘BEYOND THE REALM OF CONSCIENCE’ to 1Borneo!

In conjunction with the premiere of ‘Beyond The Realm Of Conscience’ on Astro Wah Lai Toi (Channel 311) coming 30 November, Astro is bringing the casts from the renowned drama - Moses Chan, Susanna Kwan, Edwin Siu and Selena Li to meet and greet the media and fans in Kota Kinabalu on 6 November. The drama is scheduled to air every Monday till Friday at 9.30pm.





Exclusively for the media, we have arranged for an interview session with the casts prior to the mall show.

And at the mall show, fans will be able to participate in stage games with the casts to win prizes. On top of that, the casts will be sharing experiences from the drama and updates on their recent activities. Also, Susanna Kwan and Edwin Siu will also be performing on that day.

Details as below:

Date: 6 November 2010 (Saturday)


5.30pm Media Arrival

5.45pm Artists Interview

7.00pm Mall Show

Venue Media Interview: Function Room, Tour Eiffel 1, 2nd Floor, Novotel

Venue Mall Show: 1 Borneo Shopping Mall, Kota Kinabalu

See you guys soon!


Azaria Loh
Assoc, Communication