two dudes with lightsabers

12.30am. Time to sleep in a bit. A long Monday at work later when I wake up. This is just a simple post with an awesome video to kick start everyone's Monday. Check out Fran├žois Wunschel and Fernando Favier using their 'lightsabers' to perform a one of a kind audio-visual performance that will blow you away.

Enjoy. The performance is called Euphorie. :-)

p/s: So I thought my legs will sore after my futsal tournament(my team won!) today. Instead I got this annoying bruised left point finger. But it is already recovering now. Hopefully fully by the time Monday is over.


syam said...

quite serious bruise u have there. get well soon =)

d1n0za said...

Thanks. More than 50% recovered. :-)

Cath J said...

OUCH!!! amazing you still can type blogging.. ^_^

d1n0za said...

haha Can still type. Its only affecting my sport activities at the moment. Can't play basketball and ultimate frisbee properly.

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