The Science Of Motivation

Months and months back, my buddy Sam Tan of CORE Fitness introduced to me this fantastic video of a speech by career analyst Dan Pink. In this video, Dan Pink talks about the science of motivation. It is a very, very good talk and exposes to people what really motivates them nowadays. Most people would think rewards in terms of money, would be the solution to work harder and achieve goals. Just watch the video to have your eyes and mind open up to what really creates motivation in the world today.

Hope you enjoy this video as much as I did. Look for out for more interesting talks like this at


TS Lim said...

Read his book "Drive". Pretty interesting. I got it if you wan to borrow.

Cath J said...

this must be good... need a fine time to watch this 18minutes vid.. ^_^

d1n0za said...

TS Lim - I want to borrow for sure! Been looking for that book.

Cath J - Well worth your 18 minutes. :-)

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