online and real battles

Interesting Wednesday today. Topic related to battles. What kind of battles? Well to start it off, StarCraft 2. If you're a pc gamer for quite a number of years, you're likely to remember the game StarCraft, which was such a big hit worldwide. A game that consist of the human race, aliens experimental creatures battling each other. I remember the days when me and my friends played StarCraft on our own home pc or at internet/cyber centers. We would play for hours and hours.

So the past two days I heard so much about its sequel, StarCraft 2 from friends who still play pc games. Specifically and recently during my lunch session today. StarCraft 2 was actually released just yesterday. Almost every pc gamer around the world is either already playing it or ordered a copy.

If you're a parent to a son/daughter who plays pc games or has a friend that does, you're likely to see them play StarCraft 2. Or shall I say hardly see them as they engage themselves playing the game for hours especially online with the multiplayer mode. As for me, those days are gone as I can't afford to spend long hours on video games.

That was battle done on online. As for real life battles, I visited Kinabalu Fighter's dojo located somewhere near Seri Insan school. Kinabalu Fighter - is all about a place for all Martial Artist, Brawlers & Fight enthusiast to meet and share. My buddy Julian who happens to be a regular has been inviting me like forever to check out the dojo.

Finally tonight was the one fine night I accepted his invitation. I love martial arts. Took a bit of Kendo and Brazilian Jujitsu but kinda stopped a few years ago. The moment I entered the dojo, I was just in time to see some Muay Thai and grappling sparring sessions. It was great and kinda revived my interest to join back and learn martial arts again. But 'when' is still another issue...

Coz reality is I have my own battles to go through every single day. Major work and other personal issues to be solved. Battles to better myself everyday to achieve a better life. Nowadays, the battles are getting tougher and I don't really have much time for anything else except quality time with loved ones. Perhaps a little sports here and there for health's sake. I'm sure everyone else has their own battles. All the best. May we all succeed. :-)


Shemah said...

Just realising that you do have a battle to face in order to achieve something greater, then I do believe you're on the right path to succeeding. At least you're still fighting and not giving up.

I keep this saying with me all the time:

"The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough." -- taken from The Last Lecture, by the late Randy Pausch.

It's something I remind myself every time I feel like giving up! :) Cheers to us and all the best! :D

d1n0za said...

One of my favorite quotes. I'm a big fan of Randy Pausch. :-)

IRTeA said...

All the best :)

cyrildason said...

I used to enjoy these martial art things, until I grew a little older and became 'malas mo pigi..'.. LOL...

Like you, I also fight the same battle daily which is more tiring..

Cath J said...

wow.. fighting dojo... hihihi..

Oh yeah every single human have their own battle.. ^_^

d1n0za said...

IRTea - Same to you. :-)

cyrildason - Biasalah kan? haha Keep on fighting bro.

Cath J - And i know you're quite a fighter. :-)

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