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Facebook. Who hasn't heard it? It is almost impossible that anyone hasn't. Someone or somebody in this world is bound to have a Facebook account. It is a great way to communicate and be up to date with your friends, family, celebrities, products and such. For now, one of the biggest issue hitting the US and other countries is user privacy in Facebook. Basically Facebook is being blamed for all the problems users are facing for having their privacy violated when their personal info are exposed.

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As much as we all might love Facebook, not all of us are that keen to have our personal info to be known to everyone in the world. But really, if we use Facebook long enough, there are settings for you to tamper to prevent your personal info from being known to certain individuals. And if that is not good enough, easy... Don't bother to open an account or simply delete it if you already have one. There is also of course, terms and policies in Fcebook for you to read and understand before you share your personal info. So as Facebook gets sued or complained about user privacy, don't you think we probably got ourselves to blame? Hmm...


Cath J said...

Dang... Now I am totally scared with this facebook.. shall we give a fake information?? -_-

d1n0za said...

Really is up to you actually. :-) Normally just give your basic info that you don't mind anybody to know. The rest is for people to communicate(msg or chat directly) to you first if they wish to find out.

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