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So it continues to rain and rain in KK... I love a cloudy or rainy day but not when there is too much of it. I've been missing out quite a bunch of activities because of the recent rain galore.

Spain lost their first match against Switzerland in the World Cup 2010. Major bummer... I hope they bounce back.

I'm away from KK for the weekend to spend quality time with Hannah. While I'm away, Happy Father's Day to those who celebrate...

... and don't forget to check out this Sunday's Miss Earth Sabah 2010 grand finals. Click here for more details.

Oh, and theres a new blog in town called Ai Hanayaka, Go to for a humorous take on fashion, food or how to have fun.

Have a nice weekend!


Cath J said...

Have a great fun daddy and princess... oh yeah.. KK everyday raining... and heavy 1... But I kind of miss it now after back to KL.. LOL..

and great new blog.. will link.. ^_^

d1n0za said...

Thanks Cath! Its ok, KK is not going anywhere. Always here for you to come back to yes? :-)

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