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Believe it or not, I grew up as a kid/teenager with very little social life. I was the nerdy shy quiet kid. I grew up reading a lot of books and other than school, life was pretty much just at home. Television, books and video games were my best friends. You can only imagine my excitement when my parents would ask me to join them for shopping, dining at a restaurant, etc. Yes, I am that excited. It is like a chance to go out from prison and see the world. Sure I got some good friends to hang out with but I didn't get to go out with them to have a meal somewhere, catch a movie, etc. I am pretty much your home boy. Lonely with hardly any social life. My life was hardly colorful.

Don't even go to the topic of girls as I had no girlfriends during this period. I was way too shy to approach girls and I'm not Mr. Popular. Well, I am popular but in a different way. Dinosaur, Bangau, Bamboo Stick etc. Yup, all sorts of names I was called. A little emo during this time as I also went through an emotional breakdown before on hardly being accepted as a good friend other than being made fun of. Try getting a plain old stone as a birthday gift by a bunch of girls at school. My first birthday gift ever. How heart crushing... At that point I really thought I wasn't social enough to be accepted among others and pretty much thought that is the end of my social life.

the video that kinda inspired me to put up this post

So should I blame my parents? They were the ones who kept me at home and wanted me to only study hard. Nah... I might have my moments grunting about my little social life. But the truth of the matter is I grew up just fine. It is true what people say, all you need is just your loved ones by your side. My friends maybe few but I had a blast with them one way or the other and they're always by my side. My parents might be a bit strict but they really gave me a lot of love. And of course my little bro Anizan who was fun to hang out with.

Perhaps one of the most valuable lesson in life is... towards the end, in order to live a good life, all you really need is your good self and your loved ones.

p/s: For those who are celebrating this Sunday, Happy Fathers Day!


David said...

Wishing u a sweet happy father's day too :) dino. (i mean in advance..

Cath J said...

every one have their special past life.. but good to know that you are doing very well on this life.. and wish you all the best.. healthy and wealthy in future life too... ^_^

d1n0za said...

David - Thanks David! Hope you everything is well with you bro.

Cath J - Same to you my dear friend. :-)

Jacq said...

Wow that bad, huh? LOL.. j/k. Trust me, if you heard mine or WC's story, it's just about the same (or maybe even worse!)

Good for you to open up like this.. now where's that like button? I like this post! :)

d1n0za said...

Jacq - Betul bah? hahaha Thanks for liking the post! :-)

Nicholas said...

I can't help finding that 1 part of your post is debatable/untrue...

Your frens are and were never "afew". =)


d1n0za said...

LOL Good friends were few in the early stages in of life. :-)

And yes... ESPANA!!!

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