Janet Hsieh

fun loving and down to earth host for Fun Taiwan

Who is Janet Hsieh? For those who watch Discovery Travel and Living, she is that fun loving and down to earth host for Fun Taiwan. I first noticed her when I watched the Fun Taiwan show earlier this year. I'm not a regular for Discovery Travel and Living but I have to admit that I enjoy watching her show when it is on tv. She has a great natural on-screen presence that makes her a joy to watch in Fun Taiwan. So why am I blogging about her? Well, I never thought in a million years, I would have a chance to meet Janet in person. But I did!

a shot with Janet and her crew after dinner

Due to work, I was recently presented with the opportunity to met her and the rest of the Fun Taiwan crew. We all had dinner together last week and I had a great time getting to know Janet and her crew. Apparently they are here in Sabah to do a shoot for their new Fun Asia show.  That is right. Sabah will be featured! After Sabah, they'll be heading to Sarawak.  While they were in Sabah, it was strictly all work and they prefer not to have the attention of the media. That is why I am only blogging this post after they left for Kuching last Sunday.

busy staring at a scene from the FIFA World Cup 2010 on tv

A woman of many talents, Janet has exactly the same fun loving and down to earth character as you see her on-screen. We had a good conversation and laugh almost about any topic under the sun throught the whole dinner. Its like talking to a really good friend. The crew and her really liked Sabah and they plan to come here again in the future to shoot at other locations they haven't been. Overall it was truly a great experience meeting Janet in person. Hope to see the crew and her again soon!

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Joan said...

so cool get to meet her...wah!

Cath J said...

Love her!! wow can't wait what they have for Sabah.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

I love watching Janet Hsieh. She's such a natural and I'm sure she's the same person on and off cam. I love you Janet!

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