Cheer up! Its raining!

It was raining heavily every day weeks ago and the weather was gloomy. That kinda stop but the rain still comes every now and then. But who are we to complain. The rain water crops, gives us a nice cozy sleep at home and even helps to clean our car a bit. Speaking of cleaning cars, I don't know if it is just me but isn't it ironic that most of the time after I sent my car for a car wash, it rains? Anyway, I'm blogging about the rain now after viewing back the video of Singing In The Rain by Gene Kelly. Can't go wrong with a classic like this that cheers up your day especially in the rain. If you view the video, you'll know why this guy is so happy singing in the rain.

I know how he feels. Meeting someone I've been missing tomorrow. :-) Have a good Monday people!


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