beginning Salsa

After months of avoiding due to busy schedule and merely craving looking at others do it, I finally took a Salsa dance class. It was just me and Hime yesterday as we took our first couple class at the Dance Academy studio in Damai. It was good to see dance instructor Arwin again. I took a small Salsa introduction class from him before and was impressed. That was months ago and I never really took proper classes with him despite his recommendation. Anyway, my first class yesterday was good. It was an hour of doing basic steps that looks easy but requires quite a lot of practice. Hime enjoyed it too and we actually practiced a bit late last night on our own. Can't wait for the next class.

Didn't took any photos or videos but here is a video of what we just learned.


Shemah said...

Wow! Bestnya.. a friend of mine also taking salsa classes in KK but i don't know where and with whom. There are plenty dance classes here in KL too but it'll be fun to go with friends. I've always loved to dance but I think I'll have more success asking a mannequin to dance with me compared to the hubby. LOL!

Anyways, good luck to you guys and hope to see a video of you guys dancing a full routine! :)

syam said...

i know that dance studio. i mean i saw it when I was goin back and forth from gaya to my hse.

ive always wanted to learn ballroom dance. Hope dat i can find time for it, one day, perhaps:)

p/s: it wud be nice to see a video you and your partner.

d1n0za said...

Shemah - Definitely more fun with a familiar partner. Drag your hubby! haha

syam - Just go and learn. It only takes an hour from your whole week. ;-)

Will post a video once me and Hime can complete a routine.

chegu carol said...

For years since before we got married, Ive been trying to drag Alvin to dance class...but he always counter answered that we can always learn on our own..via youtube, cd or whatever...look at us now, only knows how to poco2...hahaha

d1n0za said...

Ok bah poco2. :-) I'm sure you two will learn more dancing techniques one way or the other.

Cath J said...

oh wowww.... cool... ^_^

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