quick Penang trip

With a day free before the Malaysia Ultimate Open tournament(more on this in my next post), I traveled to the state of Pulau Pinang for the first time. Hometown to Hime's good friend Cheng Cheng, I went there with Hime and her two good friends Shaun and of course Cheng Cheng herself.

Known primarily for the good food, that is exactly what I got to experience there. Simply delicious. especially the fried kuay teow and asam laksa. Wish I could stayed longer since this was more of a quick one night stay trip. Definitely looking forward to another visit.


Cath J said...

Oh wow.. penang have good food for sure... come on not the asam laksa.... Droolingggggggggg!!! ^_^

maslight said...

Kick jua tu makanan. Punya not presentable. It gotta be sedap for you to post it!

d1n0za said...

Cath J - The good stuff! :-)

maslight - haha I know it might not look like it but that asam laksa is seriously damn good!

Anonymous said...

welcome to penang...the food's Heaven of from the pearl's sabahan too but stayed here 4 more than 8 years and i totally agree wt u.the foods here was really fantastic!

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