Friend, blogger and filmmaker Nadira Ilana has made this video called 'Faces of a cause - Sabah does not want a coal plant!'. You Sabahans out there should know by now about the issue of having a coal power plant here in our state. It is a real big issue and I hope we all can say NO COAL. I urge you all to show your support by posting 'Faces of a cause - Sabah does not want a coal plant!' into your blog, Facebook, Twitter and such.

video url link -

NO COAL! Check out it ain't green, it's BLACK! at for more info.


I had such a blast watching the Iron Baby video below. Something fun for the weekends that I want to share with all of you. Especially for you Iron Man fans out there. Enjoy!

Salute to Patrick Boivin for this video!

Google TV!

And now there is Google TV. Can't wait to see it in action. How does Google TV work? Check out the video below.

The video makes a whole lot of sense to me. I spend more time on the web nowadays. Not so dedicated to watching tv channels as I used to way back. Almost everything including tv shows are on the web now anyway. Watching tv will simply be a whole new experience for everyone soon...

p/s: Thanks to DonnyIen.Com for the info.

Malaysia Ultimate Open 2010 - We did it!

It all comes down to this. After two years of playing Ultimate Frisbee, I finally joined the MUO. MUO aka Malaysia Ultimate Open was the one tournament that I dreamed of joining. But I wasn't 100% prepared. So were most of my Borneo Bristlehead team mates. We were busy adults with very few free time. Our strong passion for the game and Sabah however is always there. We were ready to play our hearts out. Next thing you know, our squad of unique individuals arrived at KL last week for the Ultimate showdown during the weekend.

photos by Emily Koo

So there we were competing ourselves against teams from Singapore and Thailand. After a grueling two days under the hot sun, Borneo Bristleheads managed 16th place out of 20 teams with 3 wins out of 7 games. Although this might not seem much, the result is a fantastic achievement for the team. For the past two years, the team has never won a single game in the MUO. Finally we are really noticed with the teams from Singapore and Thailand giving some new found respect for the team from Sabah. Overall, the tournament was a fantastic experience filled with great people, great atmosphere and great Ultimate.

Now back at home, I can't help smiling and felt proud to be part of a team that made 'a change'. Since the good performance at Inti-Taylor's Open Ultimate Frisbee tournament last year, I always believed the Borneo Bristleheads will make a difference in this year's MUO. I'm so glad I was right. So where do we go from here? Hopefully more players and better results in other tournaments to come.

Go Borneo Bristleheads!

New to Ultimate Frisbee in Sabah? Check out this video of the Headhunter's Hat 2010 tournament held in Kota Kinabalu earlier this year.

quick Penang trip

With a day free before the Malaysia Ultimate Open tournament(more on this in my next post), I traveled to the state of Pulau Pinang for the first time. Hometown to Hime's good friend Cheng Cheng, I went there with Hime and her two good friends Shaun and of course Cheng Cheng herself.

Known primarily for the good food, that is exactly what I got to experience there. Simply delicious. especially the fried kuay teow and asam laksa. Wish I could stayed longer since this was more of a quick one night stay trip. Definitely looking forward to another visit.

Digi vs Maxis: So who is on top?

Take a look at the photo and you know what I mean. Can't help taking this photo(click for enlarged version) as I was driving back to my office. Look close enough and you pretty much can see the yellow Digi man sitting on top right above the Digi office at Warisan Square building. Look even closer and you'll notice there is something else it is sitting above. That is right, the Maxis office on the ground floor. Nuff said. :-)