Go Green! ...and Go Power Rangers?

I guess the Go Green campaign is getting bigger and bigger. Yesterday I went to Shangrila Tanjung Aru Resort to check out a brunch event to promote their new Go Green campaign. The event talks about replacing their plastic bottle with glass ones, planting vegetables in their garden area, etc. Not sure how effective this will turn out to be but commendable efforts indeed. I even heard Hyatt Hotel is going to invest on a whole farm for vegetables. During my recent trip to KL, certain shopping outlets demands you to pay RM0.20 for a plastic bag unless you bring your own. I hope I can apply some Go Green initiatives to my working establishment too. Personally, I just hope Go Green will be applied by everyone around the world. Nothing wrong even with a tiny effort to make the world a better place.

Lets switch the topic from Go Green to Go Power Rangers! After brunch, I was at the MAS ticketing office to adjust the dates for my flight ticket. While I was attended, I can't help listening to a familiar tune somewhat blasting away in the office. It was the Power Rangers theme song! A shock indeed. I haven't heard that theme for ages. Not sure whether the music was playing from a staff or customer. Just felt awkward listening to it in a MAS ticketing office.


Cath J said...

support Go green 100%.. ^_^ (My hubby said.. what will happen to the old uncle with his plastic business.... hahahhaha)

Power rangers... I cant stop from laughing bro!! LOL...

d1n0za said...

hahaha yeah... What will happen to the old uncle indeed... :-) Does your kid like Power Rangers? I don't even know if the show is still running.

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