best April so far

While April kicks off with April's Fool day where many might be tricked or punked, my April started out pretty good. In fact, the past week has already made this April the best one I had in my life so far. All this because of Hime. Heres what happened...

Hime bought for me a brand new wallet and cufflings. Really put a smile on my face. :-) Been wanting them for quite some time.

More new items. I've got myself a new pair of glasses. What a relief for my vision. My previous one wasn't taken care properly(i am guilty as charged!) and was full of scratches.

Spent good times with Hime at eateries, shopping around and watching Clash Of The Titans(good movie!) at the cinema. Also had a nice time hanging out with CC Tan, her bro, Shaun and Cheryl.

Hope the rest of April continues to be this good. As some of you might noticed, I'm starting to mention Hime more in my blog. Other than work and Hannah, most of my time is spent with her. Quality time is very important for us. Being with her is life changing for the better and I'm happy. I couldn't ask for another person to be part of my life. She is a gem and as mentioned before, I have future plans with her. Ending this post with a song from Hime by Leona Lewis.


maslight said...

Finally, new spec. Come to think of it, I need a new one too. Macam inda bulih nampak sudah.

d1n0za said...

maslight - Go for it!

JACQ said...

Now where's that like button.. I like this post! :)

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