couch potato night

One of the things Hime and I enjoy doing as a couple is spending the night together on the couch watching tv. Recently we did just that. But Hime wanted to make it a little bit more special by cooking dinner for us to eat while doing our favorite activity.

So we went off to the supermarket earlier on to shop for ingredients. Then its pretty much the kitchen all the way. Can't help taking some photos. This is the first time I see her cook. I must say shes good at it. By the time dinner is ready, we ended up having a delicious dinner while watching How I Met your Mother(highly recommended!) season one.

What can I say, I'm lucky to have her as a good cook. Love you Hime.


chegu carol said...

wow! that looks delish...even in picture.

d1n0za said...

The real thing is just as delicious. :-)

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