to BB or not to BB

I love Blackberry. Ever since owning a Curve 8520 last year, I felt that I finally own a phone that I truly love. But to my horror, I accidentally lost the Curve 8520 last December and has since got myself a Blackberry phone due to budget issues. Now I got a chance to get myself a new one in the form of a Bold 9700. Currently the best Blackberry phone out there, I'm really hoping to own this. Some friends are asking me to get a Nokia e72, Samsung Omnia 2/Jet and of course, the much popular iPhone instead. It is just hard for me to resist having a Blackberry...

When a photograph is not just a photograph...

Opened my email inbox on this busy Thursday only to find it filled with a lot of forwarded emails. I have to admit I just receive too many of these and some I even delete before even looking. One actually caught my attention today entitled 'When a photograph is not just a photograph...'(thanks Fara!) featuring a series of very interesting photos. So I'll share the photos with you people here and hopefully enlighten your Thursday as well.

LV shoe

And so man said to woman...

"I might not have a LV shoe like him. But I do have a LV heart that he doesn't. If the shoe is more important, then you're so not the right size for me."

Hannah learns golf!

That is right. Hannah has taken golf lessons. I was with her today for her 2nd one. We were at Sutera Harbour Golf Club. Can't help taking photos of her in action.

taking shots at the driving range

more action at the green

Interesting experience watching her learn golf. I'm glad she at least love the lessons. I think the daddy should take lessons himself soon...

couch potato night

One of the things Hime and I enjoy doing as a couple is spending the night together on the couch watching tv. Recently we did just that. But Hime wanted to make it a little bit more special by cooking dinner for us to eat while doing our favorite activity.

So we went off to the supermarket earlier on to shop for ingredients. Then its pretty much the kitchen all the way. Can't help taking some photos. This is the first time I see her cook. I must say shes good at it. By the time dinner is ready, we ended up having a delicious dinner while watching How I Met your Mother(highly recommended!) season one.

What can I say, I'm lucky to have her as a good cook. Love you Hime.

a quick look

Haven't been blogging for quite some time. Hope everyone is in good health. Here is a quick look on what I have been busy with...

Work has been quite a bit of a challenge lately. Certain situations has required me to do some necessary brainstorming and decision making. Recent results has shown that situation has started to improve. Gotta make sure it keeps up.

I was part of the organizing committee and participants for the first ever Ultimate Frisbee Headhunters Hat tournament in Sabah. Don't know what the tournament is about? Read all about it here.

Been spending quite some time with Hime. It involves some planning for the future. :-)