that Marie Digby music video

I've said before and I'll say it again, I miss shooting and producing videos. It will be a while though when I get the chance again. I'm so tied up with many things and if I were to start this passion of mine again, I'm aiming to get this first...

Anyhow, it will be quite some time before I get my hands on that. Till then, I'll just look back at the old videos I produced.

One of them is the Marie Digby's Say It Again music video that I made while shooting her live performance in Kuala Lumpur two years ago. Got good comments across YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook for it till this day. Not awesome like the official but a good start for a total beginner. Those were the days.


Cath J said...

Wow bro.. Hands down la... ^_^..

I noticed a lot sabahan is very talented on Photography and videography.. Should come up and show the talent. ^_^

d1n0za said...

Thanks Cath! But I know I can do better. :-)

Yeah, we got a lot of talents here. Doing what I can on my side to expose them.

JACQ said...

7D?! Wow..

d1n0za said...

haha yeah... 7D... *fingers crossed*

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