Perro Loco!

Introducing Perro Loco! New place in town selling South American hot dogs! Click on the image above to have a better look at the map to see where it is located.

Perro Loco just opened today and I came by for lunch to support the opening. The place is opened by the sister of my good friend Rainer and her husband. Overall Perro Loco has a nice simple environment with a South American feel and yes the food is excellent! Do come by and check it out yourself especially if you want to try something fresh and different in KK. Opens from 10am to 6pm.

Assaults on cars in KK!

Sometime around 8pm yesterday, I received a phone call from my friend who just told me his car got attacked by three guys at the pedestrian crossing between the bus station and Wawasan Plaza. My friend with 3 passengers was stopping for the red light at that time when his car window was smashed and the rest of the car was constantly kicked and punched. Luckily right after the car's window was smashed, the traffic light turned green and he managed to drive away. Thank god no one got any serious injury. Police report was made and it turned out 2 other cars were attacked as well around the same time. One was at Api Api and the other at Wawasan Plaza. So the attackers who were suspected high on drugs were making their way from Api Api to the bus station and attacked the cars along their path. This incident is a real shocker for me. All happened around 7pm along public areas. People in KK do be careful out there on the road. Please lock your car when you're inside. Hope those attackers get caught!

Australia Red Haze!

Remember KK had a haze problem like a month back? Well I just saw the news in BBC today and apparently Sydney is now red like the whole place is on Mars! Apparently this is caused by a dust storm that is creating a red haze. Check out the following video taken by one of the citizens.

More about the red haze here.


I've been out of touch lately with the current movie scene so it is time to update since I'm a movie buff. As I was surfing the net for info, I stumbled upon Avatar and I'm so glad I did! Its the upcoming movie by one of my all time favorite director James Cameron(Aliens 2, Terminator 2, Titanic). Check out the trailer below to see why am I so excited to watch this movie. Avatar will be released this year on 17th December. Currently my no.1 must watch movie this year! :-D

teaser trailer

gifts on the 17th

Alain Delon pen & card holder. Thanks Boy!

Cool SEED shirt from Jessica!

A compilation of items from Mr. Kelvin, Mei and co.!

Finally! I have a water filter at home. Gone are the years of drinking... *kof* *kof* ... mineral water. You're the best Kelvin!

Excellent thermo pot. Guys, you know who you are so thanks for this gift!

I now have a proper shoe rack at home! Love you Mei!

Jaco & Julia gave me this... I can't say what it is but apparently it has something to do with 'the right moment'. haha

Finally special thanks to those who gave me gifts in the form of 'bottles'. All these gifts certainly put a smile on my face. Much appreciated! :-)

32 at 23

So I'm 32 now. How did I celebrate my birthday recently on the 17th? Just keep it plain and simple by holding a barbeque & potluck session with friends and loved ones at my good old house number 23. Fantastic night that ended up fun and crazy.

Thank you to all that came! You guys rock! Check out photos during that night at Thanks Kent for being the photographer! You too Jacq! I know you made the effort to take some shots. :-)

p/s: Thank you too to all that wished me happy birthday for the past week. Much appreciated!

Less than 24 hours...

... and I'll be... yeah, a year older. So am I nervous? Do I feel old? Nah. I achieved more than I ever could at my age now than at least the last 5 years of my life. Looking forward to achieve more with the coming new age. Can't type much now. Busy preparing the house for a get together session with friends and loved ones tomorrow night. All I just wanna say for now is thank you to those who made me who I am now. I leave you all with this video below to cheer up your day. Thanks again. You all are the best!

p/s: Appreciate the little help from my friends. :-)

A Monday full of different thoughts...

Here I am in the office full of different thoughts...

with my Ultimate Frisbee mates in KL two months ago

KL/Singapore trip - Just two days away from my holiday. Yes, I'm finally having a real holiday. Unfortunately not anyway far and exotic. Just same ol' KL and Singapore. But instead of a course or tournament, this time I'm just there to purely enjoy myself and have a good time.

KK Improv - Yesterday, the KK Improv team did our 5th Improv workshop. So proud to be in this team and we had such a great time yesterday with the 15 people who attended. Those who joined the workshop were from all walks of life and ended having so much fun & laughter together. The video above is a teaser of what we went through yesterday. Can't wait for the 6th workshop in October!

Canon HV30 - I was watching this beautiful video called Blue, which was shot using a Canon HV30. I can't help missing having this video cam in my hands. At one point, I was really into learning about video shooting and editing. The HV30 didn't even last a year in my possession due to an accident. It died along with my dedication to be a videographer. Now I'm just left with a dream that I will have to live up on another day.

Birthday - Its getting really close now and I can't help looking back at the joy & happiness and the pain & heartaches I went through since my last one. One thing that I learned a great deal after all the experience is for me to LIVE LIFE.

p/s : 10 more days...


Yesterday I spent a whole day off with Hannah. The highlight would be us visiting the Doulos ship for the first time. Doulos is famous for it's onboard book fair. Every now and then the ship will stop by Kota Kinabalu. For like at least the previous 10 years, I have never visited the Doulos. So it was a great experience especially since its Hannah's first time as well. Great crew and quite a handful of books to look at. Had a slight frustration though coz I forgot to bring my camera. So all I have is a postcard that I took a picture of with my hands and Hannah's holding it as our special memory together. Quality time well spent. :-)

More about Doulos --->

SBG2009 promo poster photo shoot

behind the scenes shots

Last night was pretty tiring but well worth it. As mentioned in my previous post, I was in charge of supervising the photo shoot for Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2009 promo posters. Introducing the crew...

co-supervisor, director - Marissa(
photographer - George Yong(
makeup - Joanna Lye(
models - Rainer Yong(, Cheryl Lo(, Beverly Tam(

I like to thank the crew for making this photo shoot possible. A quick shout out to Chris Pereira( for helping out with the lighting for a short while. You all did a great job! Can't wait to see the finished results when the posters are done.