Lets Salsa!

I always wanted to learn how to dance. Last month I had the chance to join a salsa class, which I turned down for mandarin class. Regretted the decision because the mandarin class never took off due to lack of students. But I have paid... :-S Anyway, tonight I'm part of the crew taking care of the A Night Of Salsa event. Its tonight so I urge you people out there to come and attend if you're up for some dancing. Don't worry about being a beginner because there will be dancers around to teach you basics. Good enough to have a fun filled time. By the way, I'm a beginner myself. So don't feel embarrassed and don't miss this one of a kind event down here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Lets Salsa!

for more info on the event --->

Check out the video below featuring a Salsa scene from my favorite movie 'Dance With Me'.


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