Back with a million things to do...

Breath in... Breath out... I'm back to the blogging scene. Such a long while indeed. I always say I'm busy and I realize I'm getting busier and busier every moment. Life has taken me to new heights and realization of how much higher I can go. From meeting new people to coming up new ideas for a better future... There has been so much input in my life now, which means so much I need to work out and let out. Its time to produce better results. Results that matters.

Some things I have been busy with lately...

Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2009 - After much hard work with the committee, SBG2009 was finally held last month on the 31st. The event was a success with over 50 bloggers dressing up in amazing costumes! There is room for improvement so looking forward to a bigger and better SBG2010!

Check out the details and happenings of SBG2009 here --->

photo above by Fara(

A Night Of Salsa - Been promoting this event for quite some time now. Its gonna be a wonderful night for all from total beginners to experts this Saturday night. So you dancers out there or those who have been wanting to learn, come over to this event. For more info --->

secret projects - From possible new business setups to promoting up & coming new hot club in Kuala Lumpur, a lot of brainstorming and work are occurring even at this very moment. Big changes are about to happen... :-)

More posts coming. I'm back at the blogging scene.


I finally found someone...


Aya said...

"I finally fouuuunnnddd someone~~~ Someone to change my life~~~ I finally fouuund someone.. To be with every night~~~~" *kof *kof. Teka lagu apa tu?

David said...

glad u found " d someone " :) way to go bro.

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