Perro Loco!

Introducing Perro Loco! New place in town selling South American hot dogs! Click on the image above to have a better look at the map to see where it is located.

Perro Loco just opened today and I came by for lunch to support the opening. The place is opened by the sister of my good friend Rainer and her husband. Overall Perro Loco has a nice simple environment with a South American feel and yes the food is excellent! Do come by and check it out yourself especially if you want to try something fresh and different in KK. Opens from 10am to 6pm.


Aj said...

At last, a new place for hangout after Mango moved to Damansara. But why with the name?is it on purpose or just to be sound spanish? Perro loco means 'crazy dog'.

maslight said...

@Aj: mango bukan pindah combine with SugarBun sana beach street?

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