Yesterday I spent a whole day off with Hannah. The highlight would be us visiting the Doulos ship for the first time. Doulos is famous for it's onboard book fair. Every now and then the ship will stop by Kota Kinabalu. For like at least the previous 10 years, I have never visited the Doulos. So it was a great experience especially since its Hannah's first time as well. Great crew and quite a handful of books to look at. Had a slight frustration though coz I forgot to bring my camera. So all I have is a postcard that I took a picture of with my hands and Hannah's holding it as our special memory together. Quality time well spent. :-)

More about Doulos --->


vie said...

Weeee... here she come again... My last visit was few years back.
Very thoughtful pix u have there.... nice!

Have a great sunday ;-)

d1n0za said...

Thanks Vie! Hope you're having a great Sunday yourself! ;-)

Cath J said...

Haaaaa.... such a waste....;-p

Oh Doulos still exist?? If I not mistaken.. It was their last visit last time and they going to shrink the ship coz too old already... *sigh*... rumors..

d1n0za said...

Shrink the ship??? Thats an interesting rumor alrite.

Dwenchan said...

Ala..didnt bring camera handphone ka?

d1n0za said...

Dwenchan - Tiada bos. I'm using the c-phone. heh

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