SBG2009 photo shoots

Around 2 weeks earlier, I was involved in a photo shoot with the Sabah Bloggers Gathering 2009 committee. The shoot was for promotional purposes for the upcoming event in October. I personally enjoyed it because it was my first one in a studio and had lots of fun with the committee crew. Special thanks to George Yong from Jofanna Bridal for making this possible. Dude, you're the best! Check out the photos taken below.

Tomorrow night there will be another photo shoot but this time I'm the coordinator. The shoot will be for SBG2009 promo posters. I can't disclose much for now but it is similar to the photo shoot I supervised for last year's Halloween party at Jade pub. Below, are the results of the shoot.

Will post about tomorrow night's photo shoot soon. Till then I'm just in the office wanting so much to go home and enjoy a good sleep during this rainy day. I leave you all now with the classic Singing In The Rain by Gene Kelly. Happy Tuesday!

So little time...

After like a month, I'm finally back at the blogging scene. In that one month, I find myself more occupied than ever before. Too many activities in my life has got me into having very little sleep. It went that bad until I was diagnosed by the doctor for over exhaustion and stress. This was two weeks ago by the way. Since then, I've been trying to cut down my activities but its never that easy. You peeps know the feeling 'once you're done with 1 task, 3 more comes in.'? But I'm better now. I find myself more in control of myself and getting better at time management. As you can see, I'm blogging now right? :-) So what in the world I have been so busy about? Too many to mention and yes, so little time. Will blog about it one at a time. For now, I'm just glad to be back at the blogging scene.

Oh! Before I go, I am proud to announce Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2009 will be at 31st October(Halloween Day) 2009. For those who don't know, I'm actually one of the organizers of last year's Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2008. The team and I are working hard to make SBG2009 a bigger event than last year's so we're expecting all you Sabahan bloggers out there to come to the event! Please check out all the details at the SBG2009 Facebook page.

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