the ULTIMATE experience

Borneo Bristleheads 2009 - photo by Johnny Wong

Last weekend was one of the most memorable weekend of my life. Full of excitement and misfortunes. :-) As you probably know from my previous post, I left to Nilai last weekend to join the Inti-Taylor's Open Ultimate Frisbee tournament. I reached Nilai last Friday night only to end up with my team mates at the wrong hotel(&%@#$! taxi driver) and we had to walk a few hundred meters to the actual one. Nilai Hotel is probably the easiest and yet the hardest hotel to find at the same time. Go figure. But this didn't dampened Borneo Bristleheads team spirit and we were pumped up for the tournament the next day.

photos by Fred Fawzul

The day after was nerve wrecking and yet exciting too. This was my first ever Ultimate Frisbee tournament. It was held at Inti College's sports field at Nilai. The atmosphere was great. Most of the tournament players are high school/college/university students. Met quite a bunch of players that were friendly. The Borneo Bristleheads on the other hand is an underdog team of a ragtag bunch of players of different size and age from all walks of life. After enduring a whole day session of intense games under the grueling hot sun and sometimes strong wind that affected the player's throws, the Borneo Bristleheads can finally took a breather and be proud of ourselves. It took us 5 well fought games of 4 wins and 1 lost to claim the title of pool B/division 2 champions with an overall place of 5th out of 12 teams. Our only loss was to the overall champion The Lions. This was Borneo Bristleheads best ever performance that made my senior team mates and our captain Ken Kassem really proud. Our team certainly made an impact in the Malaysian Ultimate Frisbee scene as a team not to be taken for granted. Certainly not an underdog anymore. We rocked!

Tournament ended during the late evening and myself with a few other team mates were ready to move to Replica Inn in KL. We were to join up with the rest of the team mates in KL for dinner and then celebrate our team performance in a club. But my team mates and I arrived at Replica Inn only to discover our room bookings were mistakenly canceled(@#$^*! staff) and there were no more rooms available. Bummer... We had to move up and down the street browsing through at least 4 hotels before finally found one that has vacancy. At this point, we quickly took our shower and just look forward to party the night away. Thats exactly what happened as our team partied at Quattro and had a good time. As everyone went home after, the taxi I was in broke down midway back to the hotel. Talk about bad luck huh? Luckily after 5 minutes of pushing the taxi in the middle of a big traffic jam, the taxi was fine again and I safely went back to my hotel.

Woke up to a beautiful Sunday and spent some time hanging out with the some of my team mates. Returned back to KK that night and it feels good to be at home. So the weekend might have some misfortunes with taxis and hotels but for what its worth, I was so much happier being able to experience a good tournament and to share the weekend with my wonderful team mates. The ULTIMATE experience. Wish I had extra time to tell you more about it. All I can say is I just went home smiling. :-)

p/s: Hope you peeps had a good weekend too.


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