Here i am in my office looking through my huge amount of emails, making and receiving calls and thinking what I'm gonna blog about next. A typical busy day. And yup, I always try to make a point to squeeze in some precious time for myself to blog. Personal time just for me that I find myself struggling for all the time.

So today I wanted to blog about paintball but as I looked through my emails, I found one really interesting email. Sent by my friend Valerie Tai from Sarawak, the content of the email was a video of an inspirational speech given by a doctor that recently passed away. The speech was given months before his death. I urge you all to view this video now.

Inspiring isn't it? Certainly made my day.

p/s: Rest in peace Dr. Randy Pausch.


maslight said...

I need to stay away from online games and movies @_@ harlp!

Mauve Ocean Blue said...

"Don't complain: just work harder"...I like that and I will...

d1n0za said...

maslight - Been there. :-)

Mauve - And so will I. Lets do it!

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