eat, drink, sleep Ultimate Frisbee

group photo from my 1st Ultimate Frisbee session(courtesy of

5 more days... before the big Inti-Taylor's Open Ultimate Frisbee tournament this Saturday at Nilai. This will be my big break after falling in love with this sport since I first played last year. Time to truly experience Ultimate Frisbee full on and meet players outside Sabah.

Went through some intensive training last weekend with my Borneo Bristleheads team mates. I still need to improve a lot. Borneo Bristleheads is the only team from Sabah joining the tournament. Tomorrow evening 6pm-8pm, some of us will be hitting 1st beach Tanjung Aru for some practice games. Do drop by and watch us play to see what Ultimate Frisbee is all about. Check out the video below to see how an Ultimate Frisbee tournament is like.

Gotta train as much as I could. So it is eat, drink, sleep Ultimate Frisbee for the next 5 days.

p/s: Captain Ken's words are ringing in my head... "Dino, you gotta visualize!"


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