Family Day

If some of you remember, Julian & Fara took some shots of Hannah and I back in April for a family day event. One of these shots was featured during a public Family Day event in 1Borneo last month. Couldn't make it to the event to see it with my own eyes. Thanks to Fara for the image above.


maslight said...

waw gambar jadi banner @_@

edrie said...

oh wow. so nose smushin' is the key to happy family huh.

Eudora said...

wah you both famous lah now....ngam nie if pakai for father's day juga...heehe ;)

JPP Papa said...

OMG that is you?? I saw that many times but didn't realize it was u. Sorry ah... not full face. Hahaha.

Ya sayang u missed it if not we be together sitting in the grand ballroom. My kids featured in the video and backdrop only.

PapaJ Keluarga Bahagia

Pricilla said...

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it was you hahahaa

d1n0za said...

maslight - Now its at billboard near Masjid Likas. Well, at least I think its still there.

edrie - heh

eudora - Indeed. ;-)

JPP - Thats me alrite. Bah, next family daylah kita lepak if we get selected again. :-)

Pricilla - LOL

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