Drag Me To Hell

Almost two weeks now and lots has happened especially last weekend. Will blog about that soon. Meanwhile, I find myself getting busier and busier each day with work and such. Luckily I managed to squeeze in some time with friends to watch a movie yesterday right after work. And the movie I watched is...

Yup, Drag Me To Hell. I'm not much of a horror movie fan and prefer to watch such movies on dvd at home then in the cinema. But I had to make an exception for Drag Me To Hell because it was directed by Sam Raimi. For those who don't know, Sam Raimi is also the director for cult horror classic Evil Dead trilogy and also worldwide blockbuster hit Spiderman trilogy. And it was his good work on the Evil Dead Trilogy that got me excited to watch Drag Me To Hell.

In summary, the movie is about how loan officer Christine Brown got cursed by a mysterious gypsy old woman by the name Mrs Ganush, after turning down her loan appeal. The curse brings out a demon called Lamia that will torment her life for 3 days before dragging her to hell. She now has to seek help from a seer as her only hope to get rid of the curse. Will Christine be able to do so before she goes to hell?

In general you would think its your typical horrow movie of a woman getting cursed, seeks help from others to get rid of it and then a happy ending after going through a lot of torment. The truth, yes thats the general idea of the movie. But as you watch the movie, you realise theres a big interesting twist and more importantly the horror sequences are nothing like what you've seen before. And just like the Evil Dead trilogy, theres a good dose of dark comedy thrown in as well.

Its been a while since I watched a really good horror movie. A recommended watch! A 4/5 from me.

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Amy C said...

oooh i am so gonna watch this.... :)

Aya said...

watched last night. takuuuuuuuuuut T____T crazy sound fx.

Fridaycat said...

I LOVED this! I'm a huge Evil Dead fan and yes, the name Sam Raimi on the credits made this a must-watch for me. Forget big-budget hits like Spiderman...Raimi proves he's THE Horror Genius with this one. I'm gonna watch it again :)

and I liked that he didn't use big-time Hollywood names in the cast.

Miss Mathew said...

LOL! watched ths last sunday..I loike! unfortunately for the guy sitting in frnt of me, byk kali kana tendang ni ;) bikin tekajut bah!

d1n0za said...

Amy C - Do it!

Aya - And funny too! hehe

Fridaycat - *hi-5!* You and me are in the same page girl! ;-)

Miss Mathew - hahahah

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