Vote for Sipadan! - Bloggers Talk

Calling all Sabahan bloggers to support the following event!

Vote for Sipadan! - Bloggers Talk

Vote for Sipadan as as a nominee for one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature! Sipadan is in the running for this prestigious recognition but we need YOUR online votes to get to the top. Sipadan is the only Malaysian nominee so let's spread the word nationwide! Come and learn more about Sipadan Island, the country's only Oceanic island and see why it has garnered such an outstanding reputation. An exclusive Blogger's Talk will take place, giving you the rare opportunity to speak with Clement Lee, founder of Borneo Divers. With years of experience under his belt and unparalleled familiarity with Sipadan, Clement will be sharing his knowledge to give our Sabahan bloggers a better insight into Sipadan. Details of the talk:

Date: 9th May 2009, Saturday
Venue: Imperial Hotel
Time: 7:00pm
Admission: FREE

A light buffet-style meal will be served. Your attendance is much appreciated - We need the support of Sabah's Bloggers to spread the word! Kindly RSVP by Thursday, 7th of May. Contact Melissa Leong at 013 850 2239 (mobile), 088-232121 (office hours) or e-mail

video documentary of Sipadan


Anonymous said...

I wanted to vote..but as I foreseen the future, I would rather have Sipadan not to be known worldly. All this nonsense promotion will only bring more destruction. Sipadan has been spoiled & manipulated by those profit oriented people. Preserve our nature for our future generation.

vie~avola~vie said...

Hi there,

Just too bad.... I couldn't join the talk, but I am sure you will share some gud info here, right?

~ I should think that the authority will have plan in ensuring & preserving the nature of Sipandan although it is being promoted to the whole world ~ hopes


d1n0za said...

Anonymous - Point taken. Something to ponder about indeed.

vie - "...ensuring & preserving the nature of Sipandan...". My hopes too.

Fridaycat said...

Hi Dino, thanks for helping out with the campaign but as it turned out, there wasn't much support after all. It's too bad because Clement Lee was there to answer all the concerns and questions about Sipadan and what efforts and measures will be taken in ensuring Sipadan remains the jewel that it is.

d1n0za said...

Fridaycat - No probs on helping out. I just wish there were more support...

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