Time for SYNERGY!

SYNERGY is the next happening event coming to KK. Organized by Jonathan of Breeze magazine and his crew, SYNERGY features an unique performance that combines top international dj from Brunei, DJ Leiley with musicians Tom & Johan. DJ Fine China and United Silva Tiv Djs will be in the event as well providing you excellent beats that will rock the house. All this on 31st May at Shenanigans. I'm personally looking forward to this one after the recent much successful Breeze Kuching Launch Party that also featured DJ Leiley performing to 400 guests! See you guys at SYNERGY! Check out details below.

Synergy define:
Synergy is an interaction of two or more substance to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. We are going to combine electronic music and classical music to create an entertaining and powerful rhythm on the 31st of May for the KK Club Scenes. Dj Leiley with an experience of spinning records for more then 10 years will be challenging 4 musical instruments from 2 musicians. The musical instruments are a guitar, a violin, a saxophone and a percussion played by Tom and Johan. Tom, a Bruneian a master violinist and guitarist. Johan is an experience percussionist and a saxophonist from Kuala Lumpur and he did a memorable gig together with Dj Leiley a couple of years back in Brunei.

Warm up session by United Silva Tiv Djs

And special preview performance by Fine China for the upcoming event 04Jul09' (the next SYNERGY) in Kuching...

Let's experience the SYNERGY together!!!

Ticket Pricing

RM50 inclusive of first drink and a maybe something nice

Tickets Available

Core Fitness: 088 448119
Amie Stan: 016-8385009
Dinoza: 019-8515959
Papi Johntoy 016-9955715
Dj Leiley(Brunei) : 8887576

Do look for me for tickets!


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