SYNERGY preview!

It is SYNERGY fever this week as we look forward to this big event happening this Sunday. To those who are still clueless or simply excited about what will happen during SYNERGY, check out the following two exclusive preview videos. The videos feature DJ Leiley and Tom the Violinist in action to give you peeps a taste of what is happening during SYNERGY.

Tom the Vilionist performs

DJ Leiley and Tom the Violinist perform together to create SYNERGY

Fyi, tickets are limited to 300 pieces and are selling fast. There might be only few sold at the entrance. So please purchase your tickets early if you plan to attend this fantastic event.

Ticket Pricing

RM50 inclusive of first drink and a maybe something nice

Tickets Available

Core Fitness: 088 448119
Amie Stan: 016-8385009
Dinoza: 019-8515959
Papi Johntoy 016-9955715
Dj Leiley(Brunei) : 8887576


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