The long weekend...

Last Friday was a public holiday for Labour Day. So a lot of people were looking forward to last week's long weekend. I'm one of them as I had 3 events to attend during that period. A quick summary of the events...

Breeze Kuching Launch Party - I went to Kuching to support my friend Jonathan Bong of Breeze magazine for the official launching of his magazine. It is my second time there since last year's Rainforest World Music Festival. Just like last year, I had an awesome time in Kuching and met more wonderful local people. Heads up to Sam & Cassandra as the KK people who joined me in Kuching. We had a blast! Special thanks to my bro Ron Lim for making my visit a fruitful one. Plus, big congratulations to Jonathan Bong for his big launch. Kuching rocks!

Inter Department Futsal Tournament - I love futsal and still play it till this day. Last Sunday, I joined my group of staff for an inter department competition. Had a great time as everyone played their hearts out and the best part was my team became the champion. More importantly was the fact that my group of staff had a really good time.

Mei Wong's birthday dinner - My buddy Mei invited me to her birthday dinner, which was also on Sunday. It was at her house and the guests were all treated with a massive array of bbq and seafood delicacies. I was stuffed big time and had a good time meeting other good friends and hanging out with Mei. Happy birthday Mei!

Great long weekend indeed. Hope its the same this week!


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