Another long weekend...

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Thats me with buddies Wei Chuen, Jacq and Mei at this new hang out place called Firefly at KK Times Square. Had fun there and I guess this past week has been a good week hanging out with friends and new faces. Last weekend in particular was another long weekend for me and a truly memorable one. I'm talking about the Intro to Improv Workshop that I attended and my recent trip to Brunei.

Intro to Improv Workshop - My buddy Aaron conducted this workshop last Thursday and boy was it an interesting one. I had so much fun during this workshop. If you're a fan or seen the show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, then you'll get an idea of what kind of activities were happening during the workshop. Truly a fun filled session learning about Improv and how it can improve our public speaking, leadership or acting skills. Check out the video below of one the activities called 'What Are You Doing?'.

For more info, check out the Facebook page at I recommend anyone to give this workshop a shot. Another one is coming this June. Will keep you informed!

Brunei trip - After workshop, I left for Brunei the next day. My 2nd trip to Brunei this year and this time its more of a holiday. I came to attend Cynthia Bong's 30th wedding anniversary dinner and also DJ Leiley's sister's birthday dinner party. Cynthia is a good friend of mine that I got to know from her son Jonathan of Breeze magazine who traveled with me during this trip. Also knew DJ Leiley from Jonathan along with a bunch of new faces that I met there. Both dinners were great and I simply had a blast in Brunei. Special thanks to Cynthia and her husband for letting me stay in their house. They've been very kind and friendly. DJ Leiley is simply the man. Great dinner party and I had the pleasure to visit his animal farm and zoo. Tons of animals. Have you guys seen hundreds of crocodiles in one big water compound? Trust me you don't want to slip into there. Fyi, DJ Leiley will be performing in the upcoming Breeze SYNERGY event this coming 31st May. Overall a good and fruitful trip!

I wonder if I have another good weekend like this later...


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