SYNERGY preview!

It is SYNERGY fever this week as we look forward to this big event happening this Sunday. To those who are still clueless or simply excited about what will happen during SYNERGY, check out the following two exclusive preview videos. The videos feature DJ Leiley and Tom the Violinist in action to give you peeps a taste of what is happening during SYNERGY.

Tom the Vilionist performs

DJ Leiley and Tom the Violinist perform together to create SYNERGY

Fyi, tickets are limited to 300 pieces and are selling fast. There might be only few sold at the entrance. So please purchase your tickets early if you plan to attend this fantastic event.

Ticket Pricing

RM50 inclusive of first drink and a maybe something nice

Tickets Available

Core Fitness: 088 448119
Amie Stan: 016-8385009
Dinoza: 019-8515959
Papi Johntoy 016-9955715
Dj Leiley(Brunei) : 8887576

Another long weekend...

photo by

Thats me with buddies Wei Chuen, Jacq and Mei at this new hang out place called Firefly at KK Times Square. Had fun there and I guess this past week has been a good week hanging out with friends and new faces. Last weekend in particular was another long weekend for me and a truly memorable one. I'm talking about the Intro to Improv Workshop that I attended and my recent trip to Brunei.

Intro to Improv Workshop - My buddy Aaron conducted this workshop last Thursday and boy was it an interesting one. I had so much fun during this workshop. If you're a fan or seen the show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, then you'll get an idea of what kind of activities were happening during the workshop. Truly a fun filled session learning about Improv and how it can improve our public speaking, leadership or acting skills. Check out the video below of one the activities called 'What Are You Doing?'.

For more info, check out the Facebook page at I recommend anyone to give this workshop a shot. Another one is coming this June. Will keep you informed!

Brunei trip - After workshop, I left for Brunei the next day. My 2nd trip to Brunei this year and this time its more of a holiday. I came to attend Cynthia Bong's 30th wedding anniversary dinner and also DJ Leiley's sister's birthday dinner party. Cynthia is a good friend of mine that I got to know from her son Jonathan of Breeze magazine who traveled with me during this trip. Also knew DJ Leiley from Jonathan along with a bunch of new faces that I met there. Both dinners were great and I simply had a blast in Brunei. Special thanks to Cynthia and her husband for letting me stay in their house. They've been very kind and friendly. DJ Leiley is simply the man. Great dinner party and I had the pleasure to visit his animal farm and zoo. Tons of animals. Have you guys seen hundreds of crocodiles in one big water compound? Trust me you don't want to slip into there. Fyi, DJ Leiley will be performing in the upcoming Breeze SYNERGY event this coming 31st May. Overall a good and fruitful trip!

I wonder if I have another good weekend like this later...

Time for SYNERGY!

SYNERGY is the next happening event coming to KK. Organized by Jonathan of Breeze magazine and his crew, SYNERGY features an unique performance that combines top international dj from Brunei, DJ Leiley with musicians Tom & Johan. DJ Fine China and United Silva Tiv Djs will be in the event as well providing you excellent beats that will rock the house. All this on 31st May at Shenanigans. I'm personally looking forward to this one after the recent much successful Breeze Kuching Launch Party that also featured DJ Leiley performing to 400 guests! See you guys at SYNERGY! Check out details below.

Synergy define:
Synergy is an interaction of two or more substance to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. We are going to combine electronic music and classical music to create an entertaining and powerful rhythm on the 31st of May for the KK Club Scenes. Dj Leiley with an experience of spinning records for more then 10 years will be challenging 4 musical instruments from 2 musicians. The musical instruments are a guitar, a violin, a saxophone and a percussion played by Tom and Johan. Tom, a Bruneian a master violinist and guitarist. Johan is an experience percussionist and a saxophonist from Kuala Lumpur and he did a memorable gig together with Dj Leiley a couple of years back in Brunei.

Warm up session by United Silva Tiv Djs

And special preview performance by Fine China for the upcoming event 04Jul09' (the next SYNERGY) in Kuching...

Let's experience the SYNERGY together!!!

Ticket Pricing

RM50 inclusive of first drink and a maybe something nice

Tickets Available

Core Fitness: 088 448119
Amie Stan: 016-8385009
Dinoza: 019-8515959
Papi Johntoy 016-9955715
Dj Leiley(Brunei) : 8887576

Do look for me for tickets!

A day to remember...

April 26th 2009. Julian & Fara invited me and my daughter Hannah for a photo shoot at the lake area where people jog in Likas Sports Complex. I was asked to wear my working clothes. Hannah was required to wear a dress. Both of us had to wear black & white attire. The photo shoot started at 4pm and boy was it hot. To top it off I had some sunburn on my face. Ugh... But the interesting part was there were a lot of joggers around and they were puzzled to see Hannah and I dressing up like we were gonna attend a wedding. Nevertheless it was a fun photo shoot session. Hannah was the star as she did her own poses without any need of Julian and Fara to tell her what to do. I think she watch too much America's and Australia's Top Model. Check out the photos in the slide show below...

After the photo shoot, I carried Hannah by the shoulder and had a walk around the lake area.

What a day it was. Special thanks to Julian & Fara for the photo shoot. Apparently Julian & Fara needs these photos for a Family Day event in 1Borneo. Don't be surprised to see some of these photos appearing in 1Borneo soon starting the 23rd this month.

p/s: Heading to Brunei tomorrow for a short trip. Wishing you all a good weekend!

Star Trek was a blast!

I've been a Star Trek fan for so long and I just had to watch the new Star Trek movie when I heard it is now shown in the cinemas. Went to watch it with my buddy Aaron(his second time!) last night and I must say by far the new Star Trek movie is the best compared to the previous ones. Director J.J. Abrams(Cloverfield, Mission Impossible 3, tv series Lost) gave the movie a new fresh look that is so appealing not to just Star Trek fans like me but even those who are not even fans. So if you're new to Star Trek seriously give this movie a go and I'm sure it won't disappoint. I gave the movie 5/5 for the action, humor, storyline and characters that we can relate to in our everyday lives. Now all I want to do is to enlist with Enterprise... Seriously. :-)

trailer 1

trailer 2

The long weekend...

Last Friday was a public holiday for Labour Day. So a lot of people were looking forward to last week's long weekend. I'm one of them as I had 3 events to attend during that period. A quick summary of the events...

Breeze Kuching Launch Party - I went to Kuching to support my friend Jonathan Bong of Breeze magazine for the official launching of his magazine. It is my second time there since last year's Rainforest World Music Festival. Just like last year, I had an awesome time in Kuching and met more wonderful local people. Heads up to Sam & Cassandra as the KK people who joined me in Kuching. We had a blast! Special thanks to my bro Ron Lim for making my visit a fruitful one. Plus, big congratulations to Jonathan Bong for his big launch. Kuching rocks!

Inter Department Futsal Tournament - I love futsal and still play it till this day. Last Sunday, I joined my group of staff for an inter department competition. Had a great time as everyone played their hearts out and the best part was my team became the champion. More importantly was the fact that my group of staff had a really good time.

Mei Wong's birthday dinner - My buddy Mei invited me to her birthday dinner, which was also on Sunday. It was at her house and the guests were all treated with a massive array of bbq and seafood delicacies. I was stuffed big time and had a good time meeting other good friends and hanging out with Mei. Happy birthday Mei!

Great long weekend indeed. Hope its the same this week!

Vote for Sipadan! - Bloggers Talk

Calling all Sabahan bloggers to support the following event!

Vote for Sipadan! - Bloggers Talk

Vote for Sipadan as as a nominee for one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature! Sipadan is in the running for this prestigious recognition but we need YOUR online votes to get to the top. Sipadan is the only Malaysian nominee so let's spread the word nationwide! Come and learn more about Sipadan Island, the country's only Oceanic island and see why it has garnered such an outstanding reputation. An exclusive Blogger's Talk will take place, giving you the rare opportunity to speak with Clement Lee, founder of Borneo Divers. With years of experience under his belt and unparalleled familiarity with Sipadan, Clement will be sharing his knowledge to give our Sabahan bloggers a better insight into Sipadan. Details of the talk:

Date: 9th May 2009, Saturday
Venue: Imperial Hotel
Time: 7:00pm
Admission: FREE

A light buffet-style meal will be served. Your attendance is much appreciated - We need the support of Sabah's Bloggers to spread the word! Kindly RSVP by Thursday, 7th of May. Contact Melissa Leong at 013 850 2239 (mobile), 088-232121 (office hours) or e-mail

video documentary of Sipadan