Utada Hikaru is back!

I'm a quite a fan of Utada Hikaru and personally she deservingly is one of the top japanese singers out there at the moment. If any you peeps remember, she first hit it big with her japanese single First Love.

First Love

Then after a series of many hits, she started to make her own english album. Her latest english album This Is The One features her current hit single called Come Back To Me. When I first heard it on the radio, I had no idea it was her and thought it was sung by a white/black rnb artist. Totally shocked when I found out it was actually Utada Hikaru herself singing the song. Simply really good and definitely one of her best works.

Come Back To Me

So before I go out tomorrow to look for This Is The One, do check out her special video clip below of her promoting the new album. You get to to see her down to earth side and also her speaking in american english. By the way, she is actually an american born japanese.

[VLog]Utada Hikaru "This Is The One" Message

Go Utada!


Amy C said...

oh i love Utada toooo.....'first love' song is my fave ones...her latest single is quite nice...the vid is like in the 1920s, the guy in her vid is hot....hahahaa....

sweet-girlicious said...

ohh that's my fav song during my school time..."first love"..and i guess that time she is the famous teenage singer during her age 16 or 17 if i'm not mistaken..but till now..the songs never fade its beauty..very beautiful song..and i guess still the best song ever!!

maslight said...

I was a fan when she start changing her song genre, I dun listen to her songs anymore. But am a big fan of the brilliant green! XD

d1n0za said...

Amy C - hahaha My personal favorite Utada song is Final Distance.

sweet-girlicious - A beautiful timeless song indeed. :-) My friends still sing it during karaoke sessions.

maslight - Somehow I knew you gonna mention Brilliant Green! :-P

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