I'm Fido Dido!

"Dino! What happened to you??? You're skinny like Fido Dido." Oh well... That is just one of the many comments about how skinny I am for the past two months. If any of you peeps remember, Fido Dido is the cool skinny cartoon character used to advertise 7-Up. Been too busy last month with work until I lost track of my health and lost a lot of weight. So I've been trying to eat more and exercise more to gain weight. I now got a target to at least gain 5-10kg this month. *fingers crossed*


Lots said...

heemmm...yup...*fingers crossed*

maslight said...

XD alar, dun u like wanna gain weight..

se kasi ko la lemak se

edrie said...

APPETON! miahaha

sweet-girlicious said... dido is very famous last time...when i was a that's my favourite drink..7-up and i like the tv commercial of fido dido last time..but now...seems not very famous anymore...but reminded me of my childhood.heheh

d1n0za said...

Lots - *fingers crossed*

maslight - Give me, give me more! heh

edrie - Taking it! lol

sweet-girlicious - hehe Those were the days. I used to drink 7-Up a lot because of Fido Dido.

chegu carol said...

hey dino!
my 1st time on your blog.
how come i never know of this before? :)

anyways, ya..i guess you have been thinner now compared the first time i met you during the SBG08. must be the work la kan?

d1n0za said...

chegu - hehehe... Low profile bah.

Yeah, I lost weight since SBG08. Work and stress. But its all good now. Slowly gaining back!

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