Have faith!

So I visited Nadia's blog recently and saw her touching post about a dog named Faith that can walk on two legs. Her post contains photos of this amazing dog but I just had to see the video of Faith in action. So I searched YouTube and found this video below of Faith in The Oprah Winfrey Show. Highly recommend you people to watch it. It certainly made my day.

A Dog Named Faith

It is wonders like this that comes to how a bit of faith and determination can change our whole lives for the better. So don't lose your faith.

p/s: A preview photo thanks to Julian of what I'm gonna post next.


Amy C said...

i saw that dog before in astro...that dog is a miracle dog...very touching indeed. and he touched everyone's feeling n soul too...

maslight said...

alah punya cute that shot

sweet-girlicious said...

omg...that was so sad to know the condition of that dog..the dog is very faithful i guess.. so sad...

nice pic bro!!it was looking very meaningful and a thousand secret lies inside the picture.ehhe

vie~avola~vie said...

It is a miracle dog and lovable..
Whoaw... nice pix, I thought it was a commercial pix... Well expression pix.

d1n0za said...

Amy - Just makes you feel not to give up on hope and faith.

maslight - yeah. Will post up more!

sweet-girlicious - sad case for the dog but at least it is living happily now. :-)

hehe thanks for the compliment on the pix.

vie - Thanks! My daughter and I went to a photo shoot. Will blog about it soon!

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