Have faith!

So I visited Nadia's blog recently and saw her touching post about a dog named Faith that can walk on two legs. Her post contains photos of this amazing dog but I just had to see the video of Faith in action. So I searched YouTube and found this video below of Faith in The Oprah Winfrey Show. Highly recommend you people to watch it. It certainly made my day.

A Dog Named Faith

It is wonders like this that comes to how a bit of faith and determination can change our whole lives for the better. So don't lose your faith.

p/s: A preview photo thanks to Julian of what I'm gonna post next.

An evening with the little one...

Last Friday I had a quick outing with Hannah. Picked her up from school and then head towards City Mall. Before that we fooled around with the camera a bit. It has been a while since I took shots with her.

At City Mall, she went for a shopping spree. Not only she knew how to shop for herself, she knew how to shop for items for her friends as well. Including dresses, which she just estimate the size on her own! I was a bit skeptical but she really seemed to know what she is doing. Trusted her on this one. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, I had a good time with her that evening. Missed her a lot. She even popped the question if I already had a girlfriend or not. Not the first time and to think I'm suppose to hear such questions from my parents instead. hah... Love you Hannah. (((HUGZ)))

p/s: Plus, Hannah is pressuring me hard to get her long overdued Facebook account done as soon as possible. Working on it now...

Utada Hikaru is back!

I'm a quite a fan of Utada Hikaru and personally she deservingly is one of the top japanese singers out there at the moment. If any you peeps remember, she first hit it big with her japanese single First Love.

First Love

Then after a series of many hits, she started to make her own english album. Her latest english album This Is The One features her current hit single called Come Back To Me. When I first heard it on the radio, I had no idea it was her and thought it was sung by a white/black rnb artist. Totally shocked when I found out it was actually Utada Hikaru herself singing the song. Simply really good and definitely one of her best works.

Come Back To Me

So before I go out tomorrow to look for This Is The One, do check out her special video clip below of her promoting the new album. You get to to see her down to earth side and also her speaking in american english. By the way, she is actually an american born japanese.

[VLog]Utada Hikaru "This Is The One" Message

Go Utada!

I'm Fido Dido!

"Dino! What happened to you??? You're skinny like Fido Dido." Oh well... That is just one of the many comments about how skinny I am for the past two months. If any of you peeps remember, Fido Dido is the cool skinny cartoon character used to advertise 7-Up. Been too busy last month with work until I lost track of my health and lost a lot of weight. So I've been trying to eat more and exercise more to gain weight. I now got a target to at least gain 5-10kg this month. *fingers crossed*

The beginning of a new home...

After a broken marriage and a failed relationship, I've been staying alone in a house that gets more messy each day. With such a busy life, its almost impossible to find time to clean the house. But home is my one and only sanctuary where I can really chill and relax. So I started a so-called project two months ago to clean up and renovate my house. The first step was my bedroom, which is filled with some broken furniture, loads of junk and cracked wall & tiles. So with the help of my good friend Robin Ho who is an interior designer, my bedroom became something that I can only dream of...

Too good to be true.

Love the new lights especially this one.

Robin admiring his work. You did a good job bro!

Julian and Fara also came to check out the new room.

My new dressing table area.

This is the reason I've been sleeping well lately.

The couple is eager to try out the new bed. *kof *kof*

Whats next? Could be the kitchen or even the living room. Gotta for wait for at least two months first. The new bedroom pretty much cost a bomb for me. I'm on a tight budget now but it was worth it. Now I can go home to a peaceful comfy bedroom.