Ultimate Frisbee...

... is the sport I'm currently quite active with for the past few months. After not playing for a week, it feels great to hit Tanjung Aru beach yesterday and get some ultimate frisbee action. Managed to take some shots of the players...

Jaco and Julia. The couple who are currently the organizers taking care of the Ultimate Frisbee community here in KK.

Ultimate Gym Squash Heroes. Just me and my sport buddies Julian, Rainer and Bernard. Too bad Dennis is not around.

Bernard briefing the players how to be fit like him. haha...

I recommend Ultimate Frisbee to you peeps who are looking for a good workout that really makes you sweat a lot and builds up your stamina. Check out to learn more about the game. Here are some videos below to see us Ultimate Frisbee players in action.

practice session at Tanjung Aru Beach

game time at Tanjung Aru Beach

Hope you peeps give this game a shot or at least chill at Tanjung Aru beach to watch the game during 6pm-8pm, every Tuesday and Friday.

Meanwhile, I'm off to another trip again tomorrow. This time to Labuan to join Sabah's very own Team Hoodlums for Labuan International Open paintball competition. I'll be the crew member filming the guys journey to what is probably their biggest tournament to date.

See you peeps next week. Have a great week!


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