The Courage to Create...

TCC preview

... is why I was in Singapore last week. One of a kind course that totally blew me away. What is it about? For me, its simply about discovering the person you really are and unlocking the mystery and puzzle that has prevented you from achieving more in life. I can talk forever about this course and why I joined but I rather have you go to the following link to learn more.

Done with the course, I now have a renewed strength and better understanding of what I need to do to achieve more in life. Life will still not be easy but at least I know what I must do to go through with it. Special thanks to my good friend Mei for introducing to me this course. I had the most amazing 3 days of my life.

Other than that, I managed to do some shopping in Singapore and got myself the LX3! So happy to finally got my hands on this digital camera. Here are some shots taken with the LX3 at Singapore.

Brother and sister, Terry and Mei.

Group photo with my TCC mates and new found buddies Ivan and Terry.

Another group photo and this time with Mei.

Glad to be back in KK. Time to live my new found life the best I can.


maslight said...

Oh hi LX3

d1n0za said...

mas - I'll intro to you in person soon! :-D

JACQ said...

ooh finally got the LX3! Congrats!

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